Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cat Bums and Presents

The title says it all. The focus of the day has been getting Monty to poo, and organising presents for the July batch of birthdays. We got our wee niece, Lucy, a cool educational noise-making toy. She will be 1 year old next week. We also went on a hunt for other things, plus I did some more work on the birthday quilt. It is almost done. I need to finish the two short sides of the binding. I did the machine sewing bit today. I wish I had a photo of the wee lavender heart I whipped together today, but the little camera doesn't work at night adequately.

Mr Cat decided not to poo for a few days, and because he has a bowel condition called mega-colon (the name says it all), we have to keep him moving regularly. He's not keen on kiwifruit or metamucil, so sometimes I have to resort to an up-the-bum treatment. Today's effort netted exceptional results- at least 15cm of poo. Sorry if you're grossed out, but it was a great victory around here. He is resting comfortably on my knee now. Miss Dog is in disgrace because she stole a piece of my delicious homemade pizza when I was distracted dealing with Monty. The result was much raucous screeching of "drop it you furry b__ch!" and various other insults. She is down by my feet trying to look invisible at the moment.

Tomorrow I will take some photos as I've got a few things to show you. The school week went pretty well. I was even a little amused when one of my teacher assistants scarpered at morning tea time yesterday. He just took his bag and vanished. We weren't even having a particularly challenging day! I have to say I have felt like running for my life at times, but I have always managed to resist the lure of home during a school day.

By the way, Johnny has finished my gorgeous new raised beds. I bet you won't sleep tonight because you'll be so excited about seeing the photos tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Monty! We went to the Cat Show today which was a bit disappointing as there were only about 10 of our favored breeds there - I did talk to a beautiful red-point boy who was lovely and he purred - only saw 1 Bengal and one Egyptian Mau with lovely markings. I hope you didn't get Lucy a Fisher Price? little house that plays a tune and has knobs, flaps etc. Definitely wont sleep tonight in anticipation of the photos!! Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx will phone some time. Oh Bryan's Baby born today about 4pm. weighed 8lbs.xxxxxxxxxxx