Saturday, July 31, 2010

Heavenly Saturday

I have had a wonderful day. I hope my darling sister and dear wee niece had wonderful days today because they are both having a birthday. Lucy is turning one. Meg, well, we won't say because I'm older than her. I must say though, I think I am finally finding myself and am so happy with life at the moment. I'd much rather be my age and feeling like I do, than much younger and back where I was then. I love my house, family, job (sometimes) and the things that I do. Today was just great. We got up and went out for brunch. Then we packaged up the birthday presents (late, of course, but true to form) and sent them off. What a rigmarole! There was the wrapping, the boxing up and then the fleecing at the Postshop counter. Dreadful price to send things. Next time I'll be thinking about size before I make a present purchase. Maybe these little birdies would make a suitable option.
They are such happy little creatures. They catch the breeze from the heat pump and are constantly gently swinging. I embroidered this little heart earlier this year and I finally put it together. I love it. It has a bit of lavender inside. The gold stars looked a little over the top before I put it together, but once finished, look just right. The pink is a bit richer in colour than in this photo, and the green silk fabric is a fresher colour.
After we sorted out the parcels we popped into Bunnings. I got a big bag of blood and bone and proceeded to lavishly anoint my freshly weeded and pruned front garden with it. I had a lovely time. It was quite warm outside. Jersey weather, rather than jacket, jersey, hat and scarf weather. The first buds on the daffodils have appeared, and also one plump tulip bud nestled deep in a ring of sage green leaves. The earth is lovely and loose at the moment, releasing the weeds with ease. I did my best to shape the roses into attractive shapes. Several of my friends are getting a professional in to do theirs. I'm more of a DIY girl, myself. It is a bit like paying someone to give you a manicure when a pair of scissors (or a day in the garden) will do the trick. This is such an exciting time to be out in the garden. The promise of the flowers to come is thrilling.

The crafty neighbour and family popped in twice today. She and I spent some time together stitching. She is making an embroidered Christmas picture with funny elves on it. I was working on the quilted lotus panel. While that was happening Monty was busy supervising my bowl of bread mixture. I'm sure Hugh would be pleased that I had the bowl protected by his cookbook. I was very fortunate to find some real fresh yeast. That is a rare commodity around here. I found it at the Mediterranean Warehouse.
I was amazed at how frothy the flour, water, sugar and yeast mixture was compared to my usual brew. Fabulous. I usually use dried, granulated yeast.
Take a look at these beauties. They are about 25cm long and utterly delicious.
My best ever bread, I think. I put some of my smoked garlic salt in to lightly flavour it. We had it with minestrone soup and Johnny whipped up some cupcakes for pudding.

Happy birthday to the divine birthday girls. Best wishes for another amazing year! XXX

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes...I had a lovely day.
The bread looks amazing...wish we had been there to share it with you!!

I will be waiting by the mail box for the next few days...very exciting.

Love to you and J and Monty xxxxxx