Monday, July 19, 2010

One day in...

I survived the first day of term, and I have the energy (just) to update my blog. I have just spent a wee while finding some batting and lining for a bag I am going to make to keep my laptop in. It is going to be exceedingly girly and pretty. I'll have to start it tomorrow. I'm in the planning stage, trying to work out how best to turn a fat quarter into a computer pouch.

School was fine. Some playdough and glue got eaten. No one complained about my salmon sandwiches. Only one explosion from someone after lunchtime play hadn't gone well. Glitter and rubbery letter stickers ended up all over the floor. Calming words, a visit to the toilet, and a hair brush got things settled down. I had my cello lesson at 5.00pm which was good, although I played like a complete moron because I haven't practised since last term. It won't take long before I am dancing across the strings again (hmm, don't know about that!). Johnny spent some more time working on my new gardens. He couldn't wait to show me what he had done, but I had to look with the torch because it was dark when I got home. He was looking at one of my vege gardening books tonight!!!!! Maybe he will want one of the new beds to plant things in.

I have to go and do a bit of school work on my very staid looking school laptop now. Hopefully I will get some of Meg's binding put onto her quilt. The 31st is coming faster than I can hand sew around the perimeter!


Anonymous said...

Glad you survived your first day back.
Not long til the next set of holidays!!
I got given three large...pretty big...terracotta pots today which took some lugging from the car...not sure what I will plant in them yet...lemon trees would look cool!
Get sewing!!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the poppy, it is such a brilliant colour. Glad the first day wasn't too traumatic for you. Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx