Sunday, January 4, 2009

Return from Who Knows Where

Here I am, after a very long absence. My excuse? Building a house, selling a house, moving house and working. But now I'm back, and better than ever. The new house is fantastic- more of that to come as things change around here. But a sneak peek of Miss Dog on the deck. Mr. B built that with his own two hands, and help from me, his trusty sidekick.

I'm going to paint the table and chairs a pretty blue, I think. When I sit on the chairs I am rather concerned that the flimsy folding action is going to fail brutally and send me to the ground in a heap. I'll have to get Mr. B to cast his eye over them.

This is my nemesis. Dirt Mountain. Actually it is the source of lovely soil for my garden. It is much bigger than it looks in this photo. It looks quite tame and petite compared to the enormous pile that greets me when I look into the back yard. I moved two wheelbarrows full today to cover my spuds. They are growing well, even though I put them in late.

Things were fine in the vege patch in my two week absence while on holiday. All thanks to my water timer. These are fine looking examples of my vege growing skills.

I decided to make use of leftover building materials to give my purple king beans something to climb.
These are my pride and joy. Civilised and orderly tomato plants doing what they should. I have 6 Moneymakers and 6 cherry tomatoes. Who wouldn't be thrilled to come back from holiday to find these wee beauties?
Today I happily purchased a new electic mixer and a mini vac sucker with my Christmas vouchers. By the way Nanny, no problem with the voucher. I got the most powerful beasts that I could afford. My new mixer has a stand and bowl so I'm looking forward to making a pavlova. Maybe I will tomorrow. I blew up my old ones making lemon curd cupcakes. Who would have thought the dear cupcakes could have caused blue sparks and voluminous puffs of electrical smoke? Mr. B got busy in the kitchen and made his first batch of cheese while I weeded the veges- mozzarella - utterly delicious. Very creamy and sweet. Not too much of a kerfuffle, except for gathering the items required. He might start his own foody blog, so I won't steal his photos yet, just in case.
I'm off to work on my current embroidery project.


RubyTwoShoes said...

Brilliant...we are back on track with the blogging!!
The garden looks good, your tomatoes look far more civilized than the jungle I have growing, it will be a race to see who has ripe ones first!!
Great to hear the cheese making was a success...look forward to seeing photographic evidence.
Love youxx

Gigibird said...

I have missed your posts and often wondered how your house was coming on.....
Looking forward to seeing lots of photos of your lovely new home.

juniorwashbourn said...

Back with a vengeance! Wow! Guess now I'll have to get back to it!

Anonymous said...

Your vege garden is great and the deck looks amazing! Good on Mr Poppy Black for doing such a good job of it. Will look forward to regular updates as you work on the house and garden.
xxxxxxxxx from Bannockburn