Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday Heaven

Here I am making my second attempt to blog today, after the shift key got stuck down, which, according to the ever-patient Mr B, was the reason why the computer suddenly flicked through pages and lost my work. Grrrr. We couldn't find the draft anywhere, even though it said it autosaves. Anyway, onto less mundane matters. Here is the giant bite I took out of Dirt Mountain today. That is six wheelbarrows worth of soil extracted for my Digging for Victory campaign.

And here are the very appreciative baby leeks relaxing before starting to grow VERY FAST so I can eat them up in leek and potato soup, and other newly discovered leeky concoctions. These little treasures were leftovers from Mrs CT's own vege growing crusade. Check out her Canterbury Tales blog from my list.

These other beauties are today's Christmas voucher purchases. Mr Cucumber is my first ever cuke and I'm hoping I'm not too late getting him in. He cost the same as a supermarket cucumber, so even if he produces 2 fruit I'm in profit. I love cucumber in vinegar. Mad on it. Also featuring here are spinach, lettuce mixes and tomato food.

Take a look at this divine rose, a housewarming gift. It is Charles Austin. I had him in my first garden. He has a tendency to grow very tall and leggy, so I will have to exercise judicious pruning to keep him civilised. Mr B's dad was a fantastic rose pruner. He had his roses in perfect order year round.

Can you believe I actually got on the phone and invited people around for tea last night. They weren't exactly a scary bunch, just Mr and Mrs CT and Mr and Mrs Ferg. I put my new mixer to good use (thanks Nanny!XXX).

Can you guess what I'm making. Here's a closer look.

It could go two ways. But here's another clue.

Yum! Meringues. Much better than my last lot, which turned out like a bunch of saggy bums. Wrinkled and flacid. Here was another success of the evening. Even though I made enough grated carrot to serve a herd of hungry racehorses.

This was my twist on Jamie Oliver's carrot salad. It has three carrots, finely sliced mint and parsley, bottled red pepper (I'd use a chargrilled one if I had a freshy), sundried tomato and toasted sesame seeds. Onto this I put a lemon vinagrette made with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic smoked salt and pepper. Sorry Mrs CT, amounts are totally random depending on what you've got, but next time I would do less carrot and throw in more herbs.

Aren't these inspiring. Free range lemons. I picked these from the cottage garden on Mum and Dad's farm. They are lovely and juicy. I was given a lisbon lemon for Christmas (thanks Fisherman Jim). I'm going to put it in the corner where it can grow huge and I can easily cover it to protect it from frosts. I must find out if it is especially susceptable to frosts.

Finally, a look at my pantry door, with the very special present I got from Mrs So Tread Softly. I guess I'm going to have to take the Christmas treasures down sometime soon. Sigh...

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Chocolate Britches said...

Hi there - yay for getting back to blogging - I have missed them - but not enough to keep up with my own - not much point. Maybe now :-) Sorry I didn't get to see you at Xmas/NY, but hope that you had a nice break at the farm. Looking forward to reading and seeing the house, garden and craft adventures. Mx