Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is a mangosteen. Nothing to do with a mango, this little fellow was available at a vaguely affordable price (probably due to the age of the beast), so I decided to take one home to try. I sliced it open to see what was inside, and here is the result:

Such a neat little parcel of white, juicy flesh. Very delicious too. Sweet and tasty, but not like any other fruit I've had. Each little segment has a black seed inside. I will be eating more in the future, if I ever come across an affordable one again. Well worth a try.

Here is the corner of our little house where one of the world's worst showers lurked. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Mr B and Dad are busy working on installing a nice new one.

Here is evidence that making biscuits in a big hurry does not always pay off. These were from NZ House and Garden and are supposed to be neat little swirls of chocolate and honey flavoured biscuit. They are not only aesthetically a disgrace, they are an unpleasing texture - soft rather than crisp and snappy, and bland in flavour. I can blame the recipe for some of the misfortune, but must take the blame entirely for their appearance. Sadly, due to the flavour, there won't be another opportunity for me to take the required hour or two (rather than a messy and frantic 15 minutes) to recreate to delightful, perfectly formed chocolate and vanilla tinted swirls that graced the hallowed pages of NZ House and Garden.


Dianne said...

The Mangosteen was a very interesting looking piece of fruit. I loved the picture of the inside and was glad to hear that it was indeed delicious to the taste. Makes for a very pretty picture.

I hope that your new shower will be one that is very pleasing to you and a better looking one than the spot where your old one was. I noticed that you had lathe & your house really old (the old one that is)?

Maybe if you try the receipe again when you have more time, you might come up with a better biscuit (I was looking for a picture of baking powder biscuits and found out you meant cookies...that is what we call what I was seeing on your sight). Funny the difference in words in different places, huh?

I hope you will be happier with your next attempt at making cookies that melt in your mouth and have a very pleasing texture.



Anonymous said...

Now I know what mangosteen look like on the inside I might buy one. They are a little strange looking.

I hope your shower renovations have gone to plan.
Have a great day.

Sal said...

My mum used to make biscuits like that,which were gorgeous! We called them pinwheels. ;-)