Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, so sorry! I've been uninspired about reporting on life lately, but today Dad said something that really reminded me of the power of a great sentence. He is here helping Mr B to replace our crappy old shower so that our bathroom may be appealing to potential buyers. He said "Bloody silicone sticks like shit to a blanket." And indeed it does. There are all sorts of destructive noises which set my teeth on edge coming from the bathroom. The men sound bright and happy, so that's good.

I've got darling Hunca tucked up under my scarf around the back of my neck. Monty is curled up on my knee. Both are a bit disturbed by the noise too. I am overwhelmed by the spending, and decisions of building a house. But when we visit it is all very exciting.
Look, most of the windows are in.
I'm going to love having a verandah area.
Unfortunately we have to excavate Stonehenge before we can make a garden. At least I made a start.
My room is on the left, and our bedroom on the right. Since this photo was taken Monty's cat door went into my room. Very expensive in a double glazed window.
I've got granite samples lying around. Each time I pass them I've got to stop and think hard. At the moment I'm drawn towards one called Butterfly Blue, which is very unusual looking. It has a dark green background with blue and reddy stones through it. Hard to describe. I should see if I can get a photo, but I imagine the samples won't photograph particularly well. Don't even mention flooring.
Bye for now. XXX

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Muddy Acres said...

It looks wonderful, Poppy! How exciting, can't wait for more updates from your parcel of paradise.