Sunday, June 29, 2008

Everest Attempt Begins

It really does feel like an attempt to climb Everest, getting our house ready to sell, and moving to a new house. It looks like we are dressed for Everest too, in our winter gear. That jacket makes me look like an enormous tomato. Warm though, and it kept me dry in the parts of the house that don't have a roof. We took the first load of excess stuff out to the lockup today. The best part about delivering stuff to the lockup is saying hello to the gorgeous donkey that lives there. So when we got home today I started working on filling a box of kitchen items that I won't be needing for a while. Plus I filled another box of books. The second of many, many book boxes. It feels a bit strange tucking my special things away in boxes, but I'm sure I'll enjoy getting them out again and finding places for them in my new home.
Miss Hunca Munca was very pleased to hear from her mummy and daddy. She supervised closely while I gave her house a clean. She was probably casting a suspicious eye over the disposal of a few hoarded food items. She was very pleased to have minestrone soup for tea. She did a bit more exploring today because Miss Dog was outside while I sorted a few things out. Miss Dog doesn't pay much attention to her now she has got used to the idea of a ratty travelling on shoulders. Monty completely ignores her. Hopeless hunter, thank goodness.
One more week of the term. I've got a pretty chilled out week planned. Then the big push to Everest begins. XXX


Chocolate Britches said...

The house is looking fantastic. It looks so big now that all the rooms are taking shape!

Yay for the last week of school! I am working for a few days next week and saving up my leave for a very long summer holiday :-)

It will be nice to have your mummy and Nanny to visit shortly. Hopefully they will be able to help out a bit with the Everest Attempt. Glad that you are getting to do it without actually having to go to the actual mountain ;-)

RubyTwoShoes said...

Wow...doesn't the house look huge, the progress is fast. Man, look at all that mud..obviously the weather hasn't been too flash!!
You must be looking forward to the holidays and the will be fun, wish I could come!!
Love youxx

Sal said...

You really are getting on well with it!!;-)

Dianne said...

Your house looks beautiful and it seems that you have accomplished a lot while I've been gone.

Bet you can't wait to get some lawn planted so you don't have to worry about traipsing mud all trough your house, hug?

From your description of packing books, it sounds like your a book lover as I am also.

The one good thing that I have found from moving is that you get rid of things that you don't need and everything gets to start out new, fresh and clean. The emphasis is on clean. Ha! Ha!

Remember Everest is conquered one step at a time!