Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a view!

Today we drove out for our weekly inspection of the building site. We met one of our lovely friends out there, with her darling wee doggy. Mr B was able to have a catch-up with Richard and his amazingly tall brother (very useful for putting up frames and doing ceilings apparently). They were marking out where our frames are to go with blue chalk. We weren't allowed to walk on the blue lines, so we pretended to walk into the rooms. By next week we will be able to use the doorways. The frames were all delivered on Friday, almost safe and sound. Richard had to repair a couple that went splat off the truck. Oops. Richard said they are stronger than ever. And here they are:

How strange looking at the skeleton of our house lying on the ground. The earth was incredibly boggy after the snow, and I was scared I would slip and land on my bottom in the mud.

The best bit about our visit today was the view of the Port Hills with a dusting of icing sugar snow. This is the view from our future kitchen window. I don't think the house across the way will block too much of the view. We met another one of our future neighbours today and he was really friendly. See the wee tree on the right side- that's his piece of land.

I was mucking around taking self-portraits of myself today, and after several amazingly weird looking photos (how do I manage to look OK posing in the mirror, and like a total lush in a photo trying to make the same face?), Mr B snapped a few for me. This was the best one.

I love the purple scarf with the green jersey. Pretty colours together. I'm really self-conscious about how I look. I've always been bothered by my teeth, and my really small bottom jaw. That's why I've got braces now. I could have opted for facial reconstructive surgery to break my bottom jaw and move it forward so my teeth lined up, but it was ridiculously expensive and nasty. So I'll live with the jaw, and have photos from the front, because you really can't tell except from the side. I must get the henna out again to brighten up my hair. I love red hair, and wish I had bright, sparking goldy red tresses. Or gleaming coppery locks. Unfortunately I can't use artificial dyes because my scalp gets so itchy I feel like ripping it off my skull. So I use henna, which is a bit variable in results, but gives me a chestnut gleam, especially in the sun. I'm one woman battling the horrible discrimination people have against people with red or ginger colour hair. Go Ginger People! You lucky things!


Chocolate Britches said...

It's a beautiful photo of you Mrs PB!! Your hair looks so smooth and tame :-) And the purple and green does look lovely.

Wow, the house is moving along very quickly. When I last moved, if I had the money to spare, I would have hired packers and cleaners to do all the donkey work. I really hate packing and cleaning. For around $700 or so, it's a hassle free move with no cleaning. Very practical and stress-free - you gotta love that!

Looking forward to the challenge this week :-)


RubyTwoShoes said...

Gorgeous photo...there's your first bit of purple for the colour challenge!!
YAY!! I have always thought you are beautiful...I will have to dig out some of my photos to prove this!!
Glad the house is going well, such progress...fantastic.
Love youxx

Sal said...

I think you look lovely just as you are.
Nice to see the 'progress' with your house!

Anonymous said...

That sure is a lovely photo. I wish I had the looks and confidence to be able to have a picture taken like yours.

I'm glad your new home is progressing well.

Terri said...

You look beautiful! That is a wonderful photo of you and I agree that the colors go well together.