Saturday, June 7, 2008

Snow day

What an odd day, weatherwise. This morning was bright, sunny and warm. It turned at about lunchtime and by later in the afternoon it was snowing. We don't get snow here much. I used to get ridiculously excited about snow, racing outside to touch, and play. Now I'm happy spectating from the warmth of my house. I cheated with some of these photos and sent Mr B outside. He was thrilled to have another opportunity to go in the snow.
The view down the road. How dreary.
Here is our little house. It will be goodbye soon. This wee house has been very kind to us.
This is the mahonia I said would have to go when we moved in. Hmmm.
I also swore I'd never plant a flax bush after removing one from the front yard. This one is in Miss Dog's play garden.
My front garden.
And the best of all. Mr B in snowy ecstacy. He always manages to make a snowball, no matter how little snow we have.
Oooh, Nigella is on. She is doing a show about puddings. She does sound awfully posh. I wonder if it is like a telephone voice - put on for the cameras. XXX


RubyTwoShoes said...

y goodness...snow. How exciting. Wish I had been there...I am like Mr B...would run about outside like a mad thing..
I haven't updated my Blog yet...hurt my back and had no sleep last night and am miserable...
R's Nanna is in hospital and we have an Aunt staying with us...I just want to curl in a wee ball and go to sleep.
Very excited about your snowy news!!
W had nice weather today, no snow damn it is raining now.
Love youxx

Dianne said...

Snow, hmmmm. Do you know that it is 103 degrees here and hot, hot, that is extremes. Loved the pictures, Poppy and hubby looks happy with his snowball!


Two Crofters said...

lovely to see snow but even nicer to meet ratty x
i would love two rats but do not dare as there is no room left in the trailer!!!
i looked after a friends when she went on her hols - grey and white - called Darcy x
i used to carry Darcy around in the arm of my dressing gown each morning x
speak soon
t x

Gigibird said...

Nigella is proper posh.