Monday, June 9, 2008


Miss Ruby Two Shoes has decided to have a colour week and I am joining in. Tonight I've popped here and there around the house snapping pink things here and there, some of which look pinker in real life (and a couple which I practised my enhancement skills on to bring out the pink). Country Living magazine featured a few pink things too. In my house pink seems to come along with other pretty colours.

Country Living- oh so pretty!

Kitchen curtains- the flowers are pinker in real life!

I made this pretty pink bag. It even has a pink lining. The wall behind even looks pink. Not sure how that happened because it is actually yellow.

Monty in his favourite spot under the pink squares on my quilt.

Mmmm- chocolate and pink. Yum.

I wish I owned this cerise lantern. Country Living again.

My Wallace Cotton Rosalicious quilt.

Gorgeous pink ribbon. Haven't got far into this book, but it is a bit of a laugh.

A closeup of a painting I did a while ago.

My pink colander XXX. I love colanders.

Pink roses on this pretty trio given to me by the wonderful Mother-in-law Black.

I love pink. Did you know that it is called mawhero in the Maori language? Ma is white and whero is red- blend them together to get mawhero. Isn't that clever? I just think that it is a shame that pink is associated with putrid Barbie stuff, and other gaudy kid-associated paraphernalia. So I'm thinking of rose, cerise, watermelon, blush ...


RubyTwoShoes said...

Yay, I think colour week is going to be a success...your pink looks lovely!!
We are watching Big is magical and good...have you seen it?
Love to you and Mrs Bxx

Chocolate Britches said...

I love the kitchen curtain fabric - it's so pretty. And your bag is great! What size needles did you knit that on?

I didn't know you painted as well. Very talented sisters :-)