Thursday, June 5, 2008

Drainlayers and More from Hunka Munka

Thank-you for all of the lovely comments about dear Hunka Munka. Even those of you who would rather not face a ratty in person managed to say nice things about her. She is sitting on my shoulders across the back of my neck at the moment. Miss Dog is quite interested in her, but Monty Cat hasn't noticed that she is here. Either that or he doesn't care. He has never hunted in his life. He is as soft as a marshmallow. Still, I wouldn't leave Hunka in harm's way just in case. Now I've got Monty on my knee as well as Hunka on my shoulders. Luckily Miss Dog is busy napping.

"Let me out for a play." Look at those wee hands.

Ratty supermodel showing her best angles.

Onto other pressing matters. It is remarkable how much mess a drainlayer can do in only three days.

Mr B assures me that by Saturday everything will be filled in and flat again. Otherwise I'm not sure that I want to make my weekly visit. The framing is being delivered tomorrow afternoon.
Bye for now. Time for relaxing. XXX


RubyTwoShoes said...

Love to see more pictures of Ratty!! She is lovely. I am glad Monty is not worried by her.
You are right, the drain layers have made a horrible mess but it will be worth it!!

Chocolate Britches said...

Hunka Munka has the most dainty little hands. I love the picture. So cute!

Yes, Flynniepup has a mind of his own sometimes. I wish I had superduper control, but alas, I am a slack trainer.

Relaxing sounds great