Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Red. In no particular order.

Spicy seasoning. I love spice!
I love red clothes too. This little combo had an outing today.
Manolin, aka Hand Slicer. The red signifies the threat this thing poses to the careless user.
Laura Ashley strawberries. Love, love, love them.

Wallace Cotton laundry bag.
Brocade fabric on one of my obi belt creations.
A corner of a Miss Ruby Two Shoes painting.
Ruby, my muse.
Delicious lace on my velvet coat.
The sweet wee cosmetic bag that carries my warpaint on the front line. Even better cause I got it from my brother's pharmacy on his wedding weekend.
One of Mr B's photos.

Braeburn apple.
Red is gorgeous, glamorous and rich. I love to wear red, but prefer it with other colours than black. Black and red are such a predictable combination. I am, however, being predicable today. Sometimes I dare to leave my house in shades of red and green, just to give a touch of Christmas spirit to any day of the year. No, I don't look like some rampant Christmas elf.


Chocolate Britches said...

You have so many cool red things. I continue to be jealous of Ruby. I am sure if I had a similar muse, I would want to create clothing all the the moment they are on special at a sewing store in Hardy Street for $259. I think that is a fairly good price, as they are $599 at Spotlight.

I saw Ruby Two Shoes wearing her coat yesterday. Gorgeous.

Fantastic photos by Mr B.

I am amazed by the progress on the house. Seeing how much space there is at the front and the back of the section now that the frame is up is great. It's going to be so cool living there!


RubyTwoShoes said...

Your red photos look fabulous...mine were a bit of a disaster!!
I have been enjoying my velvet coat...makes me feel quite glam!!
Isn't it funny how much you suit red and how much I don't!! I should have taken a close up of two poxes I have...they would have been a good red feature!

We have the house back to ourselves now (for a few days til the knee op goes ahead) to Blenheim at a ridiculous hour tomorrow...grrrr.
Love youxx