Wednesday, June 11, 2008

By popular demand- frames.

Welcome to my new house. Can you see the front door? The garage is to the left, and the kitchen to the right.

Here's the view from the back yard. At the left is the gap where the big stacking doors will open out the the wee verandah.

Our bedroom is at the far right. A bit drafty at the moment.

Here's the view down the hall.

I can't believe that it is starting to look like a house already. The roof trusses were put up today. By the end of next week we should have a roof.

Other news from today:

  • Not much.

Next week's news. Mr B is going away for almost 5 days. I'm really going to miss him.


RubyTwoShoes said...

wow...the house looks like a house, how exciting.
You will have fun next week..think of all the things you can watch on tv without Mr he away on school camp??

Two Crofters said...


many, many congrats lady x

t x

Terri said...

Wow, that is going up fast! It's going to be great :-).