Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Green day today. I love green. It suits me to wear, and there are so many beautiful shades. I tell Mr B that if I ever have a baby girl I'd call her Emerald. Not sure if that would be his first choice! Maybe I'll call a cat Emerald if it has appropriately coloured green eyes. Actually my eyes are dark murky green around the outside of my irises and brown in the middle. I'm fond of dark green eyeliner.

Of course my favourite magazine has a lovely, fresh green cover.

And here's my Olga Berg bag. I should have featured the pink lining yesterday. I carry my sheet music around in this at the moment.

Mr B got me a green music stand to match my 'cello bag. I didn't take a photo of that because it is empty and uninteresting at the moment.

I've got a green frog umbrella.

Here's a top I got at Colorado. I don't believe in ironing unless under duress, or sewing. Bad wife.

This green paint is called Frog. I love the name and I love the colour.

Other news:
  • Our frames are up! It is starting to look like a house. The roof trusses go up tomorrow.
  • I only had six students today as one was sick. It was so much better with one less.
  • Tomorrow we are going to the matinee performance of Cinderella presented by the students and some of the staff of our Special School. Should be a good laugh providing no one from my class blows their stack. Highly probable.
  • I managed to get out of the supermarket without buying chocolate bars or crisps. Whew.

See you tomorrow!


Chocolate Britches said...

Yay for strength at the supermarket!

I am going to have to start being good after my birthday now as we are planning to have lots of naughty little goodies. And a pavlova. Presuming that we are able to have the birthday celebrations as planned with the current invasion of the rellies happening for poor R&M.

I have a purple and a white Olga Berg bag and I am lining up to get a green one too. Fingers crossed.

Yay for the frames being up and the roof trusses going on tomorrow - I'll look forward to some new photos :-)


Two Crofters said...

how envious am i!!!!!!
your frames are going up and our build is on hold again - it is for a great reason though x
cannot wait to see the pictures!
t x
loving the pink colander x