Friday, June 13, 2008


Purple. The colour of royalty, bruises and butch lesbians in big saggy t-shirts and no bras. I'm sure that's a stereotype, but it certainly matches the hairy, crewcutted manladies stomping around Motueka in clouds of B.O. when I used to work in a bookshop in the holidays. Mind you, that was a long, long time ago. It certainly isn't a colour I have much of around here. Not that I don't like purple. But I do prefer rich plums, lilac - warmer tones of purple. So it was a bit of a strain to come up with these examples:
Leftover fabric from making cushions with my students' fabric paintings.
A grotty lavender towel. I'm going to need some new towels for my new bathrooms.
My plum coloured skirt and purple (pretend pashmina) scarf.
My very special amethyst and sterling silver necklace given to me by our neighbours after their trip to the USA.
I'm glad it's the weekend. Tonight we are going to the school play of Cinderella. It should be a real laugh. I am sad because our amazing Deputy Principal is leaving. She has always been there when I've needed advice, help or a pick-me-up chocolate fish. She is the director of the play. I hope tonight will be a great tribute to her. I'll get to say goodbye next week as she will be back for a celebration on Friday afternoon.
Tomorrow we are going to be able to walk through our house with the framing and roof trusses up. I'm really excited about that.
Not sure if I will get on the scales this week. I'm a disaster when I'm trying to lose weight. Horribly depressing.


RubyTwoShoes said...

Shame the DP is leaving, it is always sad when good people leave work, but just remember, someone even better may replace her!! Enjoy the play.
Very exciting news about the you have an idea when it will be finished, we are thinking of planning a trip down.
I am charging the camera to hunt for purple things...
Love youxx

Chocolate Britches said...

Love the necklace.

Hope the play was enjoyable!

Looking forward to more house photos.


Sal said...

Glad all is going well with the house!! Have a great weekend!

Terri said...

I like your color themed posts and the necklace is beautiful!