Thursday, June 12, 2008


I could go on forever with blue. I've got a lot of blue around here. I love all sorts of colours, but cornflower blue is just divine. I don't really suit blue all that much to wear as I'm kind of a warm colour girl, so I don't have a lot of blue clothes. Of course everyone suits denim, and I prefer darker rather than classic mid-blue denim. So here goes with a sample of my blue treasures:

Grandma's old plate. I remember it from my childhood. It was the only one she had and I found out about the willow pattern from it.

This was Nanny's plate. I think she has some perfect pieces, but I claimed this cracked one when she moved because I'm sentimental.

My very precious tenth anniversary ring. Ceylonese sapphire and diamonds. Usually worn with a wedding band.

Pretty, sparkly bag. Handle broken. Now hanging on a door handle to look decorative.


My wee cupboard for the new house, and my spotty jug. Both gifts from the lovely Meg. I didn't realise there were dog hairs clinging to the jug. Miss Dog can't wait for black day.

I love this clock!

Swirly detail from one of Meg's paintings.

Sea, sky and blue chair cover.

I'm very, very tired tonight. But I can tell you the two words I know for blue in the Maori language. Kahurangi and kikorangi. We are doing Maori themed activities at school, and having a lot of fun. It is neat because the Teacher Assistants don't know much Maori, so I am actually teaching someone chunks of knowledge! Plus I'm reviewing and upskilling my knowledge as well. Some people question the value of teaching Maori language and culture, but I really enjoy it. And we are doing lots of talk and experiences relating to very basic concepts like greetings, colours, numbers and practical experiences involving fine and gross motor skills. All good, I think. I drew a big sun with a Maori art styled face today and everyone helped to colour and dye it. Then I got some helpers to screw up newspaper to stuff it. Plus I added bright yellow cellophane around the edge. That was for the story of Maui and the sun. That's actually a bit of a gruesome legend. Maui is the central figure of many Maori legends. He is clever, naughty and seems to get things done. In Maui and the sun Maui gets annoyed because the sun goes too fast and he wants more time to eat food and do things during the day. So he gets his brothers to help him to catch the sun with flax ropes. He then beats the sun until the poor thing is nearly dead and can only move slowly. Everyone is happy (well, almost everyone) because they can now enjoy the days and greedy Maui gets to have more time to eat his food. I think Mum will remember how fascinated I was by Maori legends when I was little.

Happy Friday everyone! It is usually a good day in my world. We've got a Rainbow Lorikeet visiting us at school tomorrow. How appropriate for colour week :) .


Chocolate Britches said...

No, no blues this weekend :-)

I love chair cover, did you make it?

I don't have many blue clothes either. Just blue things.

I love the plates and the new Ruby Two Shoes gifts that will go in the new house.

I like teaching Maori stuff too. I have to do a Te Tiriti workshop for 2 days next term. I like doing the link between whakapapa, mana and identity using tatau and moko. A chance to be creative and artistic. I am impressive with your sun creating today.

Enjoy the Lorikeet visit tomorrow


RubyTwoShoes said...

I love blue...think it is my favorite you will see, I didn't get to take new photos for my blue day, I was too impatient and tired to wait for the camera to charge!!
Have fun with the lovely bird tomorrow...don't let the kids pull out its tail feathers!!