Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today I have just one colour picture. This is all the black a girl would ever need. Darling Miss Dog. Loyal helper in the garden (cat turd disposal expert). Carpet cleaner tester. Ever willing plate cleaner. This is not the best photo of her, but this is the result of a few hours helping in the garden. Today the major ransacking began. The building is going to take around 3 1/2 months to finish and we are getting stuck in so that we can put this house on the market at the end of August or early September. Help!!!!

This is the reason for the sudden flurry of activity. It looks like a house!!!!

Here I am "on" my verandah. What a great space for hanging out.

Another favourite part of the house. The sliding door to outside from my craft and music room.

Today we went out the see our lovely builder and discuss a few details. We took our friend Barbara out for a look and she thinks it looks much bigger than it did in foundation form. I'm dying to get started on the garden, but have more than enough to do around here first. It has got really out of hand, so I was hacking and slashing until my arms couldn't take it any more. I've always been overly ambitious about gardening here, and made masses of gardens that I couldn't handle due to the weeds and invasive plants that were already hiding here when we came. Ivy, incredibly thorny berries, twitch, and perennial sweetpeas (which I'd never plant in my new garden, horrid things). Even the grape vines are out of control. I think I'll have to be very careful not to take anything with me with dirt from this garden. I'll have to rinse the roots clean, and buy new plants to replace ones I really love that I can't do that to. I don't want twitch to come with me because it is really dreadful. The hostas I'm taking will have to go in pots so that I can quarantine them.

I'm a bit sad because Mr B is going away for a few days on a bus trip with other boss teachers to look at other schools. I'm in charge of the building while he is away. I bet our builder doesn't ring to ask me any questions. Well, I really hope he doesn't! There's more work to do on the frames, an inspection on Thursday and, all going well, frame wrap will go on on Friday. Then roofing begins. No wonder the flurry of activity has begun around here.

Happy birthday to Miss M. Wish I was there enjoying DVDs, tasty food and family company. XXX


RubyTwoShoes said...

Wow...the house looks huge!! You guys won't know what to do with all that space!! Very exciting! I am sure you will be a good site supervisor while Mr B is away.
Have a fun week, you can eat nice food, watch what you like on tv and get stuck into some throwing away..great fun!!
We had fun last night, will post some photos of the cake later!!
Love youxx

Chocolate Britches said...

Thank you for my birthday wishes. I had a lovely day and night. The decorators went all out at R&M's place - there were balloons, banners, poppers (scary), the best birthday cake ever and a singing candle!!

I love my presents too - see my blog later.

Your house looks so ginourmous now that the walls and roof frames are on too. I love how you will have sliding doors out from your craft and music room. Ho fantastic will that be in the summer time when the garden is all done and looking and smelling lovely.

I am sure things will be fine when Mr B is away. So much anticipation of your house to come and lots of things to organise - you'll be so occupied, it'll seem like he's back in a flash.