Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Happy birthday Your Majesty! Well, kind of, as I know your birthday was in April. Did you know the holiday for Queen's Birthday is generic for any English Monarch on the thone? So when Charlie or Wills mount up it will be a King's Birthday holiday. That is if we haven't decided to cut ties with Mother England. We'd better not, 'cause I rather like having a day off in June.

I was hoping to feature on the Queen's Birthday honours list. Hmmm. For Services to Chocolate? Maybe next year. I think I should give out some honours of my own.

For services to food:
My Mum and Dad for surviving the worst soup in the world- a clam chowder purchased in Doc Martin's little village. Sorry - but actually I think I deserve that award for surviving a tomato with stringy bits of fish soup created by an aunt who shall go unnamed. I had that at least 20 years ago and still remember the horror.

Oh, I also deserve this award for gaining two and a half kilos in my first week attempting to lose weight.

For services to style:
Nood- or New Objects of Desire- a design store with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces at all sorts of prices (and outstanding sales). Guaranteed to make the uninformed vaguely alarmed when you say you've been there.

For services to pets:
To my lovely sister, Miss Ruby Two Shoes, for making a stylish doggy toy (with machine embroidery embellishment) that lasted about 20 minutes in the jaws of the beloved Miss Poo.

For services to wives:
My lovely husband, Mr B, for pressing on with building a new house when the poo hit the fan, and for being patient, kind, and supportive with an ever-changing, often deranged wife.

I'm sure there are many more honours that I could bestow on the masses, but I'm sure you want to hear what I did today.

  • I talked to my lovely Mummy for ages. She and Dadsy got back yesterday from their epic holiday in Britain and a bit of Europe. They came back through Hong Kong and Mum said she is never eating Chinese food again. The air in Hong Kong is like being suspended above a boiling pot of Chinese food. I talked to Nanny too. Love my family XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • I had minestone soup for lunch that I made a couple of days ago.
  • We went out to The House (yes, again) and did a walk-though on the foundation with Mr and Mrs CT. Then we went to Coffee Culture. I wanted a Denheath custard square, but they didn't have any. I didn't have a hot chocolate so that I could have a piece of citrus slice. Very restrained (actually Mr B is helping me to be restrained).
  • We came home and I did not much and packed a few things and read.
  • I had salad and smoked chicken with a pita pocket for tea.

Not much, I must say. The weather went all dreary.

By the way. So far one suggestion on something incredible I would do to amaze myself and other people (rather than climb Mount Everest). Thank to Miss M for the suggestion that I could enter the Special K Women's Triathalon which is on early next year. I think it involves a 300m swim (can't do a length at the moment, but at least I can swim), a 3km run or walk and a 10km bike ride. I have actually thought about it in the past, but the idea scared me a whole lot. It would be good for me to do the training. I could do the City to Surf walk/run too. Climbing Mount Everest sounds equally possible at this stage. XXX


Dianne said...

Beautiful picture of Queen Elizabeth and it's nice to have a holiday no matter who's birthday it is, don't you think? :) I'm all for that, how about you?

It was fun reading about your day. You have a very good sense of humor which shines through when you write.

I liked your awards...sounds like you covered just about everyone in your life. Ha! Ha!

It sounds like you were very disciplined when it came to sweets with your hot should be about some of that custard? That's mean of me, isn't it?

RubyTwoShoes said...

Hi there..I think I will have to Blog some rewards tonight as well, what a cool idea!!
I think the whole either hot choc or cake thing is a good idea, means you aren't missing out but are not doing too much damage. Of course a pot of tea is a good thing as well, kind of seems like a treat if you are out (I mean tea AND cake..not just tea, that would be way too boring!!).
Hope your short week goes well!! Will look forwrad to reading updates..
Love MXX

Poppy Black said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I do think that Queen Elizabeth was a very beautiful young woman. She kind of got starchier as she got older in photos, but I know she has a great sense of humour. Maybe she should get her teeth capped with sparkly white falsies and she would smile more.
I think a cup of tea is a great idea to have instead of a hot chocolate. Great tip, Meg! XXX