Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Pedagogy is a word that gets slung around in teaching circles by people wanting to look clever. Weird to say I've never actually had a simple explanation of what it means. Now that I've made an effort to find out I thought I would share with you.

Pedagogy is the art or science of teaching.

Golly gosh. In my case I'm not sure if the word pedagogy applies to anything I do during the day. Here is a basic rundown of what I did today:

  • Morning talk (circle time) with a viewing of the photos from wacky hair day last week.
  • Then we had a dance to something lively that I can't recall.
  • We had a talk about Queen's Birthday and made some collaged crowns to display on the wall (they like to collage and can all put thing onto paper like glitter and buttons).
  • We washed hands and then had morning tea (like a family with a focus on social skills)
  • Then we put the jackets on everyone and sent them out to play for 20mins.
  • When the bell rang we rounded up the students because most of them don't come in unless you retrieve them.
  • Everyone went to the toilet (nappy changes etc)
  • Then we rotated through art lessons, individual activities and the multisensory room.
  • We went for a walk around the block because the trikes were not out.
  • We came back and washed hands then had lunch.
  • I had 1 hour for lunch so I ate my salad and wrote reports. The kids played outside.
  • When the bell rang it was round-up time again. Then toilet.
  • Then we had a shared story.
  • We all trooped next door for gymnastics (in which we are actually doing massage and relaxation)
  • When we came back to class I got out the instruments and we played some music.
  • Everyone got their bags on and we took them to wait for their taxis.

I must say I think I am kind of getting close to needing a change of class. I've been with the severe senior group for about five years. There is a point when you would love someone to respond to a story that you are reading (listening quietly would be good, in some cases). I guess I must be incredibly patient because I've been saying the same things to the same students for such a long time, and things don't change a lot. But we do get lovely surprises, occasional super progress and lots of laughs.

So I hope that you have learned a new word today, and therefore I managed to educate someone!

Ps. Did a good job on my eating today.


Chocolate Britches said...

Pedagogy - hmm, I remember it well. The study of it at least. I think there is art in the madness of teaching!

I think some people underestimate the energy required to teach and teach effectively. It is hard work. I found today quite draining as we did some full-on stuff on sexual harassment and cultural barriers to communication.

No shared playtime or toileting though.

What/who would you teach if you changed classes? I taught sewing (fabric technology or whatever it is) last year for a bit. It was quite a lot of fun. Would be cool to do something you could get a bit of creatively in as well. Although you do lots of creative things with your class now, which is great.

Anyway, off to make tea.


RubyTwoShoes said...

Sounds like a fun day.
I am all for a change of scenery at work, I am enjoying my stint at Child and Adolescent services...it is great.
Glad you had a good day with the eating. We had gluten free sausages for tea, they were quite low fat and really yum.

Sal said...

Not sure what age children you teach but I would say have a change... I found that worked for me. As they say,'A change is as good as a rest'. Sal ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think if you feel like you need a change of class it would probably be a good idea. I can imagine a special needs class would require a lot of patience and be very full-on.

Glad you did well with the eating (or not eating. I have been pretty good but am impatient for some results. A spot of exercise might be the answer. I don't think typing counts.

Terri said...

Wow - pedagogy! Who knew I was doing something so impressive - LOL!!!

Dianne said...

Pedagogy, the art or science of teaching, hmmm. Who would have guessed that as the meaning? You have taught me something that I didn't know and I'm a sexy senior citizen....I guess you can teach an old dog a new trick! LOL!!!

Sometimes, I think a change is good especially if you feel the need of it. Teaching young people can be very demanding and tiring work but then it can also be very rewarding.

As for rattie...I'm happy for you but having rats in my house is not for me, thank you! But since you like him so much, I hope he brings you much joy and entertainment. I would imagine that he could be very interesting to say the least.