Sunday, June 1, 2008

Making a Mess

This little beauty is an Eton Mess. I made this for pudding tonight, but used tinned boysenberries instead of the traditional strawberries. I didn't take a picture, so good old Delia had one that I borrowed to show you. This would have to be the easiest dessert ever. Well, apart from a piece of fruit. I daren't display this on Taming the Chocolate Baby due to an unfortunate upswing in the weight department. Barbara came over for tea. I make tortellini in a mushroom, tomato cream (oops) sauce, and a salad. Then served the Eton Mess. All you do for this is mix meringues (crunched up- I bought some el cheapo meringue nests and smooged them into rough chunks), whipped cream and tinned boysenberries with a little of their juice. I didn't stir too hard because I wanted ripples of the purple boysenberries through the cream. Utterly delicious. Oh, I forgot to say that I sprinkled a few chocolate buttons over the top.

I'm feeling a bit better in the anxiety department. I had a big talk to Mr B, and we took Miss Dog for a lovely walk. Then we visited our neighbours. I had a cup of tea. We also popped out to visit our giant concrete floor and I stood on my kitchen and looked out at my view. I will be able to see the Port Hills from my kitchen window. We thought the floor level would be a lot lower than it is, so we are very pleased. It is more traditional up high. Plus we will have a deck instead of a patio outside the big stacking doors. That will make it like a wee verandah. We will have a paved area at ground level where we will eventually have a big table and chairs.

Don't you hate it when you go to the doctor and get a prescription and the medicine is either wrong for the condition, or makes it worse? You've still got to pay for it, and for the next lot that you have to get because the other stuff didn't work right. I've got dermatitis on my eyelid. A terrible thing for a girl who feels like a ghost without some eye makeup. I got some hydrocortisone cream from the doctor and now I've not just got nasty looking dermatitis on my eyelid, it has flared up to the side of my eye and it really hurts. Very disagreeable. I think it might be related to the perioral dermatitis I have had twice before. Called periocular dermatitis around eyes. That was cured with antibiotics. Maybe I need those again.

I'm watching Everest-Beyond the Limit. Such a great programme about climbing Everest (of course). It does make me wish to do something amazing that no one would expect that I could do. Climbing Everest would not be it. Ideas, anyone? XXX


Sal said...

Eton Mess is scrummy!
I hope your eye problems clear up soon,you poor thing!

Chocolate Britches said...

Yummy - sounds like an absolutely delicious dessert! Those little meringue nests are great (and I think only half a WW point each). The choccie buttons are a lovely touch. Lip smacking.

Sorry about your eye, I hope it clears up this week and doesn't cause too much ongoing discomfort for you.

I am amazed at the progress on the house and pleased for you that you can visualise how it is going to be.

Your compost bins has inspired me to make some. I think I will make two. Andy says he will make them for me, which is fine. Although I could make them as I made my raised vege gardens over the summer.

Something amazing that noone would expect you to do. Working towards a Special K run in February/March? Kerre Woodham's book - Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner - is supposed to be quite inspirational.


RubyTwoShoes said...

Hey there...your dessert sounds yum!! R made a dessert in the Slow cooker tonight (well, it has been cooking all afternoon). It was a berry coconut extravaganza, I wanted to take a photo to put on my blog but he was too embarrassed, ok, it did look like sick but it was SO yummy!!
Looking forward to more updates on the house!
ps. Don't forget to look at Chocolate Britches is up and running...exciting!!

Dianne said...

The dessert looks lucious especially since I can't have any.

Sorry about your eye problem and hope you get it cleared up soon...You should probably get some of those antibiotics going real soon before it gets worse.

I'm so glad that you are happy with your floor plan and hope all goes smoothly there and doesn't stress you out too much. Keep us posted on the progress.

Glad your feeling better!