Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gazing at the floor while the Heavens open.

Wet, wet and more wet around here today! Look at my lovely roof. It is going up bit by bit. The colour is called New Denim Blue and it is made of Coloursteel, which looks just like traditional corrugated iron. Today when we popped (glopped) in there was so much water inside as only half of the roofing is up. Plus the area you can see above in front of the house is thick with goopy mud. But I did get very excited standing in my lounge and looking at all of the lovely space. The verandah has a ceiling now, which Miss Dog is going to love on cold days. Me too!
We went flooring shopping today. I've discovered that I like the carpets that are a shade of chocolate. We've got some samples home from Mckenzie and Willis. Mr B couldn't face the curtain department today, so I'm going to have to go in on my own. We are having a flooring product which is a vinyl but comes in planks that look like real wood. It really does. It is commercial grade so it will last well and should cope with the clitter clatter of animal claws. We had some samples home and it is amazingly easy to clean. That will go in the entrance way, kitchen and bathrooms.
I have to admit I'm a bit panicked that my ability to decorate this fabulous creation is going to be sadly lacking. My taste is very much Country Living, but I find it hard to work with neutrals. I've never really had reason to choose fabulous curtains. I do have a mad passion for fabrics but there are so many horrid ones available, and so many divine EXPENSIVE ones. In the main living area, which will have a mass of curtains along one wall, and five Roman blinds, I don't want anything heavily patterned, but then I think something one flat colour would be completely boring. I think that sometimes a heavy pattern with lots of colours can take over the whole room when the curtains are across. I don't want anything that looks like a budget buy, but I am conscious of the cost. Any ideas?
On the current home front, Miss Hunca Munca Ratty has settled in beautifully. She has very quickly realised that Mr B is a cosy nest of warmth, and loves snuggling up in his polarfleece jumpers. She also knows I am the main source of food, and gets very excited when I bring her a plate (jar lid) of dinner. She eats what we eat, although I'm not usually inclined to grab a huge chunk of food off my plate in my teeth and then scurry off to my bedroom to enjoy it at my leisure like she is. She is the cutest little ratty in the whole world. She sleeps quite a lot, and when she wakes up she has squinty eyes for a bit, and she often has a big stretch and a yawn. Just a dear wee darling. We are so lucky to have custody of her. I'd put some pictures in but it has been really cold and Hunca burrows as much as possible in this weather. The moment I pick her up she is heading for my shoulder to gain access to some part of my clothing.
Tomorrow we start moving things out to the lockup where we will store excess stuff until the big move. We'll meet up with Mr and Mrs CT, who not only own the lockup, but also love a hot coffee or chocolate on a wet day. A great excuse for a gathering. I'm looking forward to it.
Well, I think I've got my blogging mojo back. I'm pleased about that. XXX


Anonymous said...

Its good to know that you love Hunca munca as much as we do, its lovely hearing someone describe her so sweetly! I have to say that sometimes when I get a bit of yummy food I run to my bed and eat it there, its so cold everywhere else at the mo, bed is the best place im with Hunca on that one!!
hope shes making friends with the rest of the fluffy crew at your place! lots of love xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow...the house looks fantastic, it is all happening so fast. Sounds like you will get a lot done over the next few weeks!!
Looking forward to meeting Miss Ratty, she sounds lovely.