Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sort of back in action

Reports are done and handed in to the big boss. Mr B is back from his educational jaunt to the North Island. He's watching Ninja Warrior. Tonight is the push for the summit on the programme about Everest. Seeing the people climbing Everest has had an impact on me because I've been dreaming about it. I'm in a bit of a decline, which is a nuisance, but typical. I've just got to wait for it to pass, with Mr B's support. My head hurts, and has since Friday. So time for a few positives:

  • Miss Hunca Munca has come to live with us. She is a darling little ratty poo. She's currently snuggled in Mr B's polar fleece top. She has had a range of tasty treats including omelette, kiwifruit, mandarin, cheese and crackers, cauliflower, peas, corn, celery. She pretty much eats what I'm eating, as well as her traditional seedy, pellet mix. Photos to come.
  • Our house really looks like a house! It has framewrap on, which Mr B has promised to photograph for your viewing pleasure tomorrow when he visits. It is amazing to walk around inside.
  • Our friend Di makes delicious brownie and apple crumble, and we had it at Mrs CT's house . I got a huge chunk of dried up leaf in my eye while I was there, and I'm very grateful that I managed to get it out because it was almost a doctor job. It got tucked under the inner corner of my eye and I couldn't believe the size of it when I finally got it out. I am very grateful to my lovely friends who don't seem to mind if I just hunker down by the fire when I'm in a decline. Also to Andi cat who tolerated my attentions and company.
  • Yay for family coming to visit! The holidays are in two weeks. Mummy and Nanny might come to stay and Dadsy is coming in the second week of the holidays to help around here. Plus M and R might come for Show Weekend like they did last year, and we will be in our new house by then. Meg and I will take a big tasty picnic to the A and P show and watch the horse competitions. Then we will pat as many animals as we can. The boys can play golf.
  • It is my birthday is less than two months.
  • By the way, we have a new Ninja Warrior champion. Nokato Nagana (possibly spelled like that) is showing rare emotion for a Japanese fisherman, and is clearly pleased to have won. Actually, I'd say winning Ninja Warrior would be harder than climbing Mount Everest, although considerably safer.

Bye for now XXX


RubyTwoShoes said...

Wow, the house looks huge, what a great photo!!
You will be excited about the upcoming holidays, very cool having Mum to come and stay, wish I was coming as well!!
Will look into the Show weekend tickets...would be great you will be in the new ranch!
Love youxx

Chocolate Britches said...

Looks amazing!!! I am very jealous. Less than 2 weeks for a break and counting :-)

Terri said...

The house looks terrific! It really is going up quickly.

Sal said...

What progress with the house!! ;-)