Monday, May 5, 2008

Rescued from the ragbag

As promised, some pictures of me in my newly made skirt. I've never taken a picture of myself in the mirror before. It is a wee bit wrinkled because I wore it all day at school. The front is made of the fabric rescued from a ragbag, and the back is fine denim. It is sooooooo comfortable! That is because Ruby, my dressmakers model, helped me to fit it to my body shape. Usually when I make skirts they don't sit right over the hips and waist, but with Ruby's help I was able to put darts in the right place and bring the seams in perfectly at the waist. I like the length too. I prefer wearing knee-high tights (preferably in fancy patterns) rather than full length pantyhose, and there's no way I'm flashing my knees and thighs to anyone. I'm an old-fashioned girl. I hate the narrow band on pantyhose that digs in and leaves unflattering flab bulges. I'm not a supermodel, but I like to feel good in my clothes (and stylish in my own way).
Miss Dog is forgiven after her unfortunate bread-stealing incident. I guess it was really Mummy's fault for leaving the tray within reach. You'd better get me a good Mother's Day present, Miss Dog! I think she is missing her doggy friends. She tried to get Monty to play with her, but he has taken shelter on my knee. She was very funny with Merlin yesterday as I had him inside. Rabbits make grunting noises when they are mad, but I guess you don't really notice unless your rabbit is a big one. Miss Dog wanted Merlin to play, but he just got mad and growled at her. Her response was to lie down on her back and grovel around in front of him very submissively, wagging her tail in her most appealing manner. He was not impressed.
Here is a great photo of the three girls with their cousin Flynn. He is a Kelpie-Labrador cross. He's the one standing on the bank. No, he didn't stay there. He got his fuzzy, chocolate britches wet. You can't really see them in this photo, but he looks like he has the cutest furry pants on.
Anyway, in order to alleviate any lonely dog suffering I took Miss Dog for a lovely walk in the freezing drizzle today so she could sniff everything (and give Mummy a quiet night because she has a tension headache -already- it's only the first day of term). XXX


Sal said...

Well done you! I used to make many of my clothes when I was younger.Sadly I just have not the time nowadays.I love your skirt! Sal;-)

Poppy Black said...

Thanks Sal! XXX

Anonymous said...

The skirt is gorgeous!! I can't believe that you found that fabric in a ragbag!! Ruby sounds very handy, as I am hopeless at getting darts in the right place and the right width - mostly they are OK over my tummy, but loose around my waist. I made a denim one over the summer with jandal fabric around the bottom. It was surprisingly easily.

Flynn and I had another great walk today. He is snoozing now and his britches are still fuzzy ;-)

Miss M

Anonymous said...

Hey babe...skirt looks great!!
Will post jacket when the Dragon Drops arrive...should ease that tension headache!! xx

Tracie said...

Hi Poppy,

Love the skirt, thanks for popping over to my blog to have a look.

I will be back to read more of yours.

Have a great day...


Anonymous said...

Hi loved reading your blog from all the way over here, the skirt is lovely and all your plans sound very achievable. You would have liked the west of scotland, Oban was so pretty! Dad's thinking of moving there (well it is in the blood). Love to you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love your skirt, you clever thing!


Terri & Crew said...

I love the fabric. Good job!