Sunday, May 4, 2008

100 posts!

I've made it to 100 posts. The reason I am really so thrilled is because of the changes I have made to my life partly because of blogging. I'm not sure I would be regarded as a very successful blogger in terms of the number of comments received, but just keeping a record of what I am up to helps me to stay productive and moving forward. Plus I love writing. I've even started my second blog, Taming the Chocolate Baby, in which I natter on about cooking and healthy, responsible living. So what have I actually achieved during my 100 posts?

  • I'm much better on the computer and working with photos.

  • I got a new sewing machine and use it regularly (I made a skirt today).

  • I made it to Orchestra 3 with my cello, and got to play on the stage in the Town Hall.

  • I joined a chamber group.

  • I have started making quilts.

  • I started making more presents, rather than buying them.

  • I went to Australia and had an amazing holiday.

  • We bought a piece of land and are about to start building on it (about 3 weeks and we will be underway).

  • I'm working on being a more organised housekeeper.

  • I'm developing my cooking skills.

  • I'm improving my management and leadership skills at school.

Best of all, I'm excited about what I could achieve during the next 100 posts. Time to set some new goals I think. I want to:

  • Develop my sewing skills by learning some new quilting techniques with each quilt I make.

  • Design and make some clothes for myself, including an item made of Merino jersey fabric ('cause it comes in such lovely colours).

  • Make Christmas presents (starting early).

  • Move into my new house.

  • Paint some of our old furniture rather than buying new stuff for the new house.

  • Make some of the curtains and blinds for our new house.

  • Be a frugal food shopper and make some fabric shopping bags.

  • Learn more about food, where it comes from, how it is produced, and what I could do with it.

  • Reduce my waste production.

  • Use my slow cooker.

  • Make the majority of the food I eat from scratch (reducing processed foods).

  • Think about crafted products I could make to sell.

Hopefully the next 100 posts will see me being more self-confident. And I really want to have less down days. Plus I hate to say it, but for my health, I've got to lose weight. But I'm not going to obsess about it. I'm just going to work on my cooking skills and fight those anxious times when I'm dying to buy a king sized block of Cadbury chocolate and eat the lot (believe me- I've done it many times). I'm going to get out walking lots too.

So, even though I haven't got one, a toast with a lovely glass of Midori and lemonade, or a frozen strawberry margarita is in order. You know, it doesn't matter, I've had a great day living life how I want to, and that is enough for me!

A wee peek at the skirt I made today in production. I hate mucking around with patterns, so didn't use one for this. That fantastic fabric was in another teacher's rag bag! I'll get Mr B to take a photo of me in it and I'll post it if it looks ok. I've used a light-weight denim on the back and the print on the front. XXX


Gigibird said...


Pleased to see blogging has helped you make so many positive changes to your life - maybe it's just now your writing them down you are more aware of what you are doing?
Nice bit of fabric.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100 posts. I'm glad I found your blog. I find writing and reading blogs make me want to do better and try harder to live the way I really want to.

Anonymous said...

Hey babe...guess what I have on...your Redhead is here...Ryan thinks I should keep looks fab on, I will send it to you with Dragon Drops as promised...see I am a very good sister.
Can't wait to see a photo of the skirt, hope it turned out ok!!
Almost have RubyTwoShoes up and running...yay....