Sunday, May 18, 2008

The non-picnic

Welcome to our non-picnic. We'll pop the cork on the non-wine (sparkling grapejuice- red and white).

Can I offer you a chocolate biscuit? Guaranteed to be real ones.

Digging the first hole where the front door will be. As you can see, velvet is suitable for all occasions.

Well, trying to dig the first hole where the front door will be. Call in reinforcements!

My hero! Victorious! After all of that great work building our house, let's go to brunch at The Thyme Cafe.

The big digger arrives to enlarge our hole tomorrow. Fortunately I will have nothing to do with it. The foundation should be poured within about 7 days. I started the rampage today, and have just been packing up the first box of clutter. Apparently when selling a house clutter is a bad thing. I attacked the garden with fervour too. Plus made a casserole for a couple of weeknight dinners when I'm too tired to think about cooking. Going out for tea tonight. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has a brilliant week. XXX

Ps. Thanks to Mr and Mrs CT and The Fergs for attending the non-picnic and having a few laughs over digging a very small hole! XXX (Next time I'll get twice as many choccy biscuits).


Anonymous said...

I agree, velvet is suitable attire for any occasion! How exciting to be building a new house.


Anonymous said...

Hey there...very exciting to hear of the house progress. The coat looks fabulous...I wear my one at every opportunity so I think a section "picnic" is the perfect occasion!!
Glad there is progress news!! Can't wait to see the regular updates as the house goes up.
Love to you and J,

Sal said...

How exciting..and the non wine tasted so good!!Cheers ;-) Sal