Friday, May 16, 2008

Button me up!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post. Feeling a bit better today. Not nearly so tired, and I had a non-contact day (no teaching, just paperwork), so that took the pressure off a bit. I am looking forward to Project Runway later, so I hope I can stay awake that long. I love watching designers at work, even if it is in a reality TV competition. I get inspired, and I get a few tips on how to get the best out of my dressform and Muse, Ruby. Plus I love the drama, the tantrums and the disasters. And the beautiful creations (if there are any).

So on to some creative stuff. These are the first pieces from the Poppy Black "Button me up!" range. They may, in fact, be the only pieces, since I am far too busy to go into production. Plus I made them out of recycled pants and two recycled skirts (total cost $6 with spare material for other small projects). I machine embroidered the stems and leaves (Grandma's old cotton) and used vintage buttons from my stash. I sincerely hope I didn't unconsciously copy anyone elses work, and request that no-one copies these (I think they are awesome enough to be copied).
"Button me up!" cushion. Recycled linen front and angora-wool blend blue reverse. Left side looks wonky because I haven't sewn it shut in my haste to show you. I've stuffed it with some dacron offcuts. A nice pillow inner would be much smoother, but not free or recycled!
"Button me up!" scarf. Materials as above. You can see the blue angora-wool reverse. The light is making it look rather wrinkly, which it is not in person.

Love the buttons!

The blue one in the middle really catches my eye. I always like vintage flower shaped ones too (on the left).

I can't wait to work on my next project. What will it be? I've got three skirt ideas mulling around, including the apron skirt. Plus I have decided that Miss Dog needs a couple of respectable blankets for lounging on under the heat-pump, or by the fire. Maybe polar fleece with a waterproof reverse and some embroidered/appliqued detail. She is a girly dog, after all. They must be easy wash and quick dry. Maybe she need some fleecy dog pyjamas (no, my dog has her dignity intact, and it will remain so).
For those of you who were wondering what "The Secret" is, it was originally (I think) a book by Rhonda Byrne. I was lent a copy of the DVD documentary kind of movie version by my boss, who swears by it, as do most of the other senior staff at school. It is new age, self-help kind of stuff, which I don't usually prescribe to, but is so positive and fun that it can't do any harm. After all, being grateful for what you have and working on feeling positive about everything that you do has to make for a happy day. It does, except when you are in a foul mood because of a cold that one of your students gave you because he didn't stay home when he was all sick and snotty. My students can't blow their own noses, and you don't want to imagine the results of a very grotty nose unmanaged by a teenager. UUUgh! Not much to be grateful for there. Maybe I should be glad it wasn't TB or the plague. No, actually I'm thankful for my vast supplies of rubber disposable gloves.
Enough whinging about that! I've got flooring samples on my living room floor. I have an idea about what sort of carpet I want. My kitchen is going to be fabulous and country looking, and will most likely have a granite bench and cream cupboard doors. Mr B bought the kitchen appliances. Mrs CT will have space in her storage lockup shed so I can start packing and declutter around here. Hopefully the weather will be good over the weekend as we want to do the long-awaited celebration picnic on our new land before our builder starts making a big, fabulous mess. Have a fantastic weekend everyone! XXX


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs B - I love the cushion and scarf design. Very original and fantabulously creative! Glad to read that you are feeling better today. I seem to have caught some sort of cold from one of (could be several) my students, although they are capable of blowing their own noses. Unfortunately my inability to sleep properly last night (only about 4 hours) due to extreme pain in my throat and left ear has made me think I may have an ear infection - just great. The pharmacist I consulted today said that my ear should be this painful. I have taken a couple of panadol and will take more before bed (after Project Runway, if I too can manage such a late hour). I really hope it goes away as I hate taking antibiotics (have only had to about 4 times in my life) due to my tablet swallowing mental block/terrible gag reflex.

Anyway, I hope the weather is wonderful for your celebratory picnic tomorrow :-)

Good luck on the decor decisions

Miss Mxx

Anonymous said...

Hi the button up range...looks like perfect gifts for birthday pressies!! Fabulous!!
Glad it is the weekend, we are at Ngatimoti, I have Oscar on my knee, the fire is on, all the cats are inside and Daisy and Stellar have gone to bed (Stellar on mum and dads bed ,we have put a couple of sheets on the floor etc to avoid any foot prints..and a grandma duvet on the bed to avoid footprints on the lovely duvet!!)...J and R are playing on their X-Box but have promised to come and watch Project Runway with me.
Off to Golden Bay tomorrow to see Nanny and R's Grandmother...I hate the drive over the hill.
Have a great weekend making housey plans!! HI to Mr B!!
Love Megxx

Dianne said...

It is amazing what you do with old clothing and vintage the pillows and scarf design.

I'm sorry you got sick from your students but glad you are on the mend and hope you have a great picnic on your land before the builder starts his stuff.

Two Crofters said...

hi x
thank you for the Miss Mabel love xxx
if you would like some pictures of her cuteness emailed over to you - just shout x

love your cushion and scarf - all made with love and care to the earth too - perfect!
from your comment i guess you worry about folk copying your ideas - it is a horrid feeling isn't it - but looking around it does happen :(
i guess there are only so many ideas and it is either not show anyone or just keep your fingers crossed that your idea does not appear anywhere else.
i worry everytime i put something on my blog - at the moment i am in a panic about my babushka keyrings!!!
but it feels so nice to share - what is a crafter to do??!!!

enjoy the rest of the weekend
t x

Gigibird said...

I think if a simple design works it works well and your trio of buttons is excellent.
Love the cushion particularly. Nice machine stitches:)