Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Big Hole and Apple Pie

I hope you are all having a great week. I am in one of my crazy busy moods, and thankfully the horrid cold is slowly fading away, so I have the energy to unleash. I've been organising lots of stuff at school. And tonight I whipped up a batch of my minestrone soup, and decided that the last of the farm apples needed eating up. No Nanny to make a pie, so I decided to have a go at making pastry myself. I am guessing that 50 years ago most women my age would be able to make pastry with their eyes closed (possibly even wearing one of those dresses with the big puffy skirts and tiny waists). I've hardly ever needed to make pastry before, so I had a quick look at the internet. Hmm. Didn't look too hard. Just use twice as much flour as shortening (butter in my case- lard being extinct in my house). Use a bit of salt, sugar for a sweet shortcrust and water. It looks ok. It rolled out nicely and looked suitably rustic and lumpy. We shall see. I got Mr B to get me some cream, so lashings of that whipped up will disguise any deficiencies in my domestic abilities. It is looking golden and yummy, with some frantic bubbling at the edge of the pastry where the apple is either crying out for mercy, trying to escape or cooking merrily.

I thought you would like to see progress. This was THE HOUSE near the end of the day yesterday.
And here is my lovely big pile of wonderful soil.
Right. I had better go an pop my domestic hat on again and get my pie out of the oven. Mr B is doing his best impression of a 1950's husband too, reading the paper with his feet on a cushion. I'd better be a good wife and feed him. XXX


RubyTwoShoes said...

Hi Babes..I will try again, managed to delete what I had written, very annoying!!
Hope the apple pie is yum, I have made an apple and blueberry crumble for pudding, no cream sadly. The farm apple tree have been very generous!!
I spent the day at home today following a horrendous migraine which saw me spend some of the morning with my head down the toilet. However was feeling good this afternoon so did some creative stuff and made something for Stellar which she destroyed in a matter of minutes...I will have to show you some photos...
We have been enjoying Under the Mountain, it is great, we have the 80s TV series on DVD...it is a must see. The only problem is the twins...hmmmm...funny twins, a petite blond ginger haired female and a vaguely gingery maori boy with tree trunk legs and a bad case of camel toe (80s fashions were cruel)...you guys will love to see it again!!

Sal said...

Crikey you dug all that..I am impressed..and baking too..well!! LOL
Sal ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crikey dickens, that is lots of progress already - this guy works fast!! Term 3 holidays could definitely be on the cards :-)

I didn't know Lush did solid perfumes. Sounds like a great idea.

I am feeling a bit the same from the lurgy, although my cough is getting better - annoyingly it seems to be worse at night when I'm trying to sleep. Grrr.

Hope the apple pie was delicious and that there is less hand to hand combat tomorrow :-)