Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chamber Music Afternoon

Gosh I am musically exhausted! I had a chamber music afternoon at the Christchurch School of Music. All of the participants were adults. Mark Walton, the Music Director of the Christchurch School of Music, is hugely supportive of adult musicians, especially adult beginners. I really do prefer playing with adults after a week at school with my students. I played with my regular trio, which consists of me on the 'cello, a violinist and a pianist. They are much more advanced and experienced than me, so the group really challenges my skills. We had two great tutors today. I must say that by the end of rehearsals I was playing pretty well, and the performance wasn't quite as good, but that was the nerves. I am really pleased I gave it a go! Sorry, no photos.

Today I watched The Secret on DVD. Have any of you seen it, or read the book? I guess some people might think it is all hogwash, but it is such an amazing positive way of thinking. That's just what I need. It can't do any harm. More on Taming the Chocolate Baby as I get the time. I had a great example of the thinking today. I decided to be really positive about performing today. At the end I was calm and happy. I'd hashed up some notes, but played lots of the piece really well. A friend of mine also played in a group. She was wonderful to listen to, and I really enjoyed her performance. I had noticed a bit of a mess up at one stage, but it made no difference to me. When we left together she was berating herself madly for playing "the worst performance ever" and sounded so annoyed with herself. Actually, she had arrived at the same time as me and already had a bee in her bonnet that she went on and on about. I had a great afternoon with lots of learning and laughs. My guess is that she went home and thought what a terrible time she had had, and how badly she had done. Maybe The Secret is going to work for me! It is all about thinking positive thoughts.

Enough ranting on. I've got a few jobs to do and they WILL be fun! XXX

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Anonymous said...

Hi there...glad your music playing went well!! I am still cringing from that awful performance of mine at that concert held in that whie church in High Street, you accompanied me on the piano, my cornet playing sounded like a tortured cow..horrifying. Why could we never say no to Mrs Bolt??!!