Monday, May 12, 2008

Goodies for me!

Today is my first whole day of following "The Secret" way of thinking. I had a pretty good day really. I felt good, and although it wasn't an easy day, I made it to home time with energy to spare. I had a few lovely discoveries today.

I picked my entire crop of kiwifruit. Here they are:

Two perfect fruit. They looked so pretty inside that I had to show you. They are smaller than the shop-bought ones, but longer in proportion to their girth. I must say that kiwifruit are not something I will be growing in my next garden because they grow so huge, and you need a boy and a girl vine. You can get some sweet little ones that I think they call cocktail kiwifruit. If that doesn't grow too big it might be worth a try. They are horribly expensive in the shops. Regular kiwifruit are really economical to buy in season. I boycott the ones imported from Italy out of season. It seems utterly ridiculous to import them from around the world when the locally grown ones are so abundant for much of the year.

Look what I found in the mailbox today. A parcel from Meg.

Inside was the beautiful coat she got for me from the NZ auction site Trademe. Look at this amazing fabric!

I am going to wear it with all black and look very stylish indeed. And here are the long-awaited mint flavoured Kerstiens Dragon Drops. Meg was desperate for us to try them, but we got a bag and they were all fruit flavoured. Fruit was delicious, but it was the mint ones she was excited about. She had to do a special order. The Kerstiens people were very obliging. They were worth the wait. They have dark chocolate on the outside and peppermint fondant with chocolate fondant swirled through it, and just a hint of some kind of liqueur flavour. Utterly delicious.

I went for a look in Millers on the way home today. It is a furnishing shop, but, as I predicted, I left with no more ideas. It is a very middle-of-the road, rather boring shop. So I popped into Toffs, which is a second hand clothing shop. We call thrift shops op-shops over here. I popped into Toffs, which is a warehouse full of clothes and a few books and general crappy stuff, to look for some linen to craft with. Can't show you the clothes I found because they went straight into the wash. Lets just say Toffs appears to just take used clothing and hang it on coathangers without a wash. It has a horrible stale old clothing smell. I also found this Monica Dickens book. I read "Kate and Emma" up at the farm and loved it. Now I've got the complete versions of five books in this one big fat volume.

A Sad Postscript. Don't read if you don't want to hear about cruelty to animals.

I have been keeping one eye on "Border Security," which is a television programme about customs and immigration in Australia. I just saw a horrible feature about snakes that were imported illegally from Thailand. It makes me so angry that someone would put living creatures in little boxes and send them in the mail. Wildlife smuggling. Just awful. Another display of disgusting human greed. I'm terribly sorry to say that the snakes had to be euthanased because of the risk to Australia's reptiles, which I can understand. But what a awful, awful waste. I love snakes. So many people shudder at the thought of them, but they are so beautiful and elegant. We don't have snakes here, so I've only seen them in captivity in Australia, sadly. I send out my love to all of the snakes in the world. May you be left to live your lives in peace. XXX


Anonymous said...

Hey there...I watched Border Security as well, shame on those people importing and sending the snakes, they were so beautiful, I was horrified they had travelled all that way in such a tiny space only to be put down...awful.
Glad you like the coat...and Dragon Drops...yum...wish I had a bag now!!
Love youxx

Anonymous said...

Those chocolates sound delicious. I haven't heard of that brand before.

What is "The Secret" way of thinking? (or is it a secret, LOL?)


Dianne said...

Beautiful cloth, Poppy. I'm sure you will look lovely in it with all black accessories.

Like Kate, I would like to know what is your "Secret way of thinking?"

The chocolate candies looked lucious. I love anything with chocolate in it and Mint goes real well with chocolate!!

I'm probably drooling over anything that has sweets in it because I'm (are you ready for that nasty word) dieting! Lost 7 lbs in three days.