Friday, May 9, 2008

Interior Design for THE HOUSE

It is time to really start thinking about interior design details for THE HOUSE. All of these pretty fabrics are from the Welsh company Elanbach. I have had a drool over their website tonight.

I love this fabric as it features some of my most favourite flowers. It comes in a wide variety of colours, including pretty blues, creams and stone. Elanbach don't appear to have stockists in this part of the world, sadly.
Tomorrow we meet with our kitchen designers. I have some pictures of how I would like my kitchen to look (from Country Living, of course). But I'm sure price will limit what I can have. I'd like a clean, simple look with painted wooden joinery, but I'm sure a laminate finish will probably be the affordable option. Cream. Then I can match anything with it. Plus I want the perfect handles. I'm fussy about handles. I must post a picture of my perfect kitchen cupboards and shelves, made by Daddy Black. Mr B said I'm not allowed to take them with me to my new house. I guess half of the kitchen here would be gone if I did. I'm sure Daddy Black will make me one or two pieces of furniture for my new house. He is great to work with because I just give him a plan of what I want and he makes it. It is too much to expect him to make me a whole bespoke kitchen though.
Oooh! I'm getting excited! XXX


Anonymous said...

Yay...I am so excited about the gift will be my first "grown up" magazine!! Thanks so much!!
LOVE love LOVE the pretty floral fabric...have you had a look on Ebay?
We are at Ngatimoti, all the animals are well, it is so nice here...weird without Mum and Dad though.
Have a happy weekend, sorry I didn't make it to the post office today but I have the parcel in my bag all wrapped to post tomorrow.
Love Megxx

Gigibird said...

Before you decide I thought you should have a look at this webby..
Angie Lewin rocks in my world.
What made to choose Elanbach?

Sal said...

I love the fabric and your basket!

Poppy Black said...

I wish it was my basket, Sal. I thought Elanbach wouldn't mind sharing their pretty fabric basket with you.
Gigibird, I happened across Elanbach in a Country Living Magazine. I love the fabric, but it would probably be a complicated and expensive operation to get hold of it. I had a peek at the website. I love the fabric and want to make clothes out of it! I can picture some amazing cushions too. XXX