Saturday, May 3, 2008

What to do on a wet Saturday.

Have a cup of tea. I found this dear wee cup and saucer at the Motueka Hospice Shop. It was among the brown and fawn items and had to be rescued.

Have a nap. Monty has taken possession of my my almost-finished square quilt. No chance of getting my hands on it now!

Miss Dog thinks having a nap is a very good idea too. Look at that shiny coat!

Stoke up the fire. Mr B got a big basket of wood in and we are lovely and warm. I should roast some chestnuts.

Admire other purchases from the Hospice Shop. They were pleased with themselves when I left! I was pleased to be able to spend money to support such a good cause (plus Mum is out of the country and I had to make up for all the trips she would make in there if she was home). I was also pleased to find some bits and pieces of vintage fabrics to create with. The green napkin is a very unusual colour and the most beautiful linen. I will probably embroider onto it. The embroidered tray cloth is so pretty. I think I might set up my sewing table again shortly. Plus I am making pumpkin soup for tea. Probably curried pumpkin soup 'cause I don't have any bacon to give it some extra flavour. Since I don't usually follow recipes a disaster may follow. I'll be happy to share it with you (in writing - I wouldn't make you eat my disaster). XXX


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs B,
I am glad to read that you are home safe and sound and had a lovely last few days. We loved visiting the farm and Mr A would happily pitch a tent and live there! Do you have any pictures of puppy Flynn and his girly cousins you could send me?

I am in awe of your quilt making abilities and especially love the greenish fabric with the tiny pink flowers. Maybe you could set your own quilt making business when you move out to the country and have your own studio. I have no doubt people would pay for your wares. I would.

Miss M :-)

Poppy Black said...

So fantastic to hear from you, Miss M! I have to have a look on the big cameras after tea for photos of Master Flynn and the sea of dogs. Mum's computer didn't like my camera. I will send them your way cause they should be there.
Thanks for the encouraging words about my quilt making. I would love to sell them if anyone wanted to buy them. I have to say I try not to stress out about perfection because I'm still learning and would rather it was fun (and I like a handmade result).
Great to hear from you! XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Poppy Black,
That would be fantabulous if you could send me any photos you find.

I especially love the photo you loaded on here of Miss Dog, Miss Poo and the Blonde Bimbo in mid-run with the farm trees in the background. It's gorgeous.

I don't think you should stress about perfection either - I like the rustic handmade look too. I am almost inspired to try making a quilt myself, but didn't unearth any especially inspiring fabrics in spotlight. I would like one in flowery blues to match my bedroom.

Although, I have been inspired to knit a scarf and am halfway through one in hues of purple. I am contemplating buying the Debbie Stoller knitting book.

Look forward to your next blog entry.

Miss Mx

Poppy Black said...

Hi Miss M. I love the photo of the 3 doggy doos sprinting. I'm just off to have a look at the photos on the cameras. You could commission me to make you a quilt. Now there's a crazy idea! No idea how much to charge! I've got 2 Debbie Stoller knitting books - "Stitch N Bitch", and "Stitch N Bitch Nation", plus her crochet book "The Happy Hooker". They are all great. You'll probably get an e-mail from me soon XXX

Terri & Crew said...

I love the tea cup and saucer. It sounds as if you had a nice relaxing day.