Saturday, April 5, 2008

What are you up to?

What are you all working on at the moment? I've got my finger in lots of different pies. Actually, speaking of pies, I tasted quince for the first time last night. My lovely friend is a superb cook, and she was given a big box of quinces. She baked some with honey and then made a tart with frangipane (is that what you call the almondy paste stuff?) on top of the meltingly soft quinces. To me they are like tangy, sour Turkish delight. Fragrant and delicious.

I got out my favourite crochet book to whip up a navy scarf. I am using cotton because I've made a couple in wool and can't wear them due to the itchy scritchy thing. I am really enjoying working with it because it is easier to get the hook through, and feels good on my hands. My skin gets annoyed very easily. I'm a crocheting novice and try not to get depressed when I read comments about how easy it is. My biggest problem is working out where to poke the hook in, and I hate counting. I've got a brain like a sieve when it comes to numbers. One of my Teacher Assistants called me a genius the other day. Sure, I'm a bright spark when it comes to lots of things, but I can barely remember my phone number. I kind of use the rhythm to recall how it sounds. How I managed to pass all of my school maths classes is a mystery to me.
Take a look at this artistic beauty.
This fabric was printed during art class by one of my students (with intellectual disabilities). It is going to be a drawstring bag. It is hard to come up with projects suitable for my students to do with any independence, as they are like teenage toddlers. I was away when these were made and I am sure they were done with a great deal of adult assistance. I prefer things to be a bit wild and free so I know the kids had a hand in it. Hard to expect that with fabric paint as it is awful stainy stuff. I've tried hard to steer the art teacher towards letting the reins free a bit so that activities and results are student centred rather than adult centred. She has really done well at coming around to my way of thinking. Plus she is taking belly dancing lessons and gives us a wee lesson when she comes in! Lots of fun.
I've got a piece of this fabulous fabric. I love it! It wants to be cushions, but also wants to head out into the world as a skirt. Decision pending.
I'm reading this great book. It features my aunt, Barbara McQuarrie, who is a professional quilt maker. She showed me how to use a rotary cutter and to cut efficiently. In the future I would love to go and stay with her for a quiltmaking workshop. She does art quilts with a focus on line, and dyes her own fabrics. She emphasised to me that rules are to be broken and to be free and experimental. That suits me cause I don't know the rules! This book has lots of amazing artist and their work. It makes me want to create!!!!!
On the house building front, we were out looking for taps today. I want everything to be vintage looking and Mr. B definately does not. He usually wins. So it will be a modern house with vintage decorating features. Hopefully I will have another post online tomorrow. Happy weekend! XXX


juniorwashbourn said...

And we all know that YOU will get your way in the house design - don't we!!! That's why I couldn't stand to build a house - all those decisions. There's a raft of ideal shops over here for your quilting, and don't forget the one near our home. Miss you, girl..whatcha doing tonight (Sat). See you for rugby next week

Sal said...

I'm crocheting a throw right now! I'll look out for that book!
Love the fabric printing..and also tha fabric.

Anonymous said...

Hi there...I have used my material that you have photographed to make a has attracted many comments form fellow vintage/shabby chic I say make a skirt!!
Jim stayed last night, it is a gloomy kind of day here.
R and I went out to Ngatimoti yesterday. Mum and Dad are very excited about their trip!!
Have a fun day,