Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My very first completed quilt. This is the New Zealand quilt, originally made as a present, but the occasion is long gone, and the back is a bit dodgy (I'll learn from my mistakes). It is appliqued NZ themed cotton fabrics with a black binding and back, quilted. I am really pleased with it, although it doesn't really fit my future decorating plans. John will probably have in on the couch in his office.

Here is Ruby. I have long wanted one of these to be mine! She is adjusted to be my twin, so she is generously curvy all around. She is going to help me to be more self-sufficient in clothing myself.

Inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse and The Queen's of the Stone Age, Mr B. decided to unleash the rocker within and got his very own bass guitar with amp. I don't know if the cello helps, but he and I are both naturals. Mr B. is so pleased with himself, and Mr Ruby Two Shoes has got himself a bass guitarist for his Christmas band.

News in brief:
I had a day off sick today. My cold got the better of me. Slept most of the day.
Our builder has been working hard already, plotting and scheming. Excellent.
Monty is great.
The purple grapes are ripe. Yum.

Have a great rest-of-the-week! XXX


Anonymous said...

Yay for the guitar...you are right, Mr RTS is very pleased, he is keen for a jam fest during the holidays. We are excited about you guys coming up, we will have fun!
The quilt looks fab, is is still going to the intended destination?
I like your dressmaker goddess...is she plus-sized...not that you are plus sized, it's just that she looks goddess curved, not an anorexic dummy...where did you get her...what a great idea!!
I am off to Wellington tomorrow for the talk off, trying to decide on an outfit that makes me feel fab and confident...possibly floral..at least I will stand out from the suit wearers. Wish me luck.
Roll on holidays!
Love youxx RubyTwoShoes

Poppy Black said...

Is she plus-sized?? Well, I guess she isn't your typical supermodel, but she would required extra padding for the super plump goddesses among us. She came from Knitworld. XXX

Anonymous said...

what a great idea..the adjustable goddess dressmaking babe...I am sure she will bring plenty of joy...now I want one, though we all know my sewing prowess only goes as far as a-line skirts!! RubyTwoShoesxx

juniorwashbourn said...

It is unbelievable that I have to hear about Mr B's rock guitar 2000km away - no mention of THAT purchase when we were near you!!! The only problemo I have with MR B as a punk rocker is - where will he get the hair to grow!!!!Hey, babe, as always a terrific blog. I MUST sit down to mine sometime soon. A great photo opportunity-type of sunset here in Mooloolaba tonight , but where was the camera? In the suitcase, and I wasn't in the unit!!!