Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Rosy Autumn

It is another beautiful day today. We have friends coming over soon. I thought I would share some roses (and a camellia) from my garden with you.

This is David Austen's Heritage. It has simply beautiful flowers but a rather sulky and unhappy specimen of a bush.

Now this one has been spectacular! Shame I can't remember its name right now. It is a climber and not an English Rose.

Hello Sally Holmes! First out and still smothered in blooms. I caught one of them in the fleeting newly opened stage before the stamens go all brown and less appealing.

This is the patio rose Chameleon. I was rather excited by the dear little green katydid sunning itself on the petals.

Uttersen is smothered in blowsy, and rather gaudy flamenco skirts throughout the season. Not so keen on the colour so sorry to say it won't be making an appearance in my new garden.

This is called something to do with country. It is always topped with mounds of candy pink frills. I have to keep deadheading it as it doesn't like to let go of the finished flowers.

Glowing in the light is the misnamed Climbing Iceberg Supreme. Yes it climbs, but there's nothing supreme about it. It seems almost sacrilegious to insult a rose, but this one deserves it.

My old friend Cecile Brunner. Ever faithful, pretty and perfect on a massive, musclebound beast of a bush. A chainsaw is not out of the question when it comes to pruning time. As you can probably guess, I have the climbing specimen.

And finally, not a rose, but a sign of things to come. The first camellias are coming out on my sasanqua tree. Not the best photo, but a moment worth remembering.

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Sal said... favourite obviously has to be ..Sally Holmes!!
They are all beautiful though.