Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More blogging!

Did you know I've got another blog? Taming the Chocolate Baby is resurrected! I started it originally to talk about learning to cook and losing weight, but it didn't really get off the ground. Now that I have really got into writing, I have decided that it will allow me to unleash about living a good, healthy life. Food certainly comes into it, but I'm planning to branch out into a range of directions as I go along. My "chocolate baby" is the nickname I give my tummy. I've discovered that the more I focus on losing weight the unhappier I become, so I'm just going to appreciate health and relax about trying to be skinny. After all, Mr B likes me just the way I am, and if I shrunk too much I would have to buy a smaller Ruby.

Other news:
  • Mummy and Daddy Black are off to England today. They have never left New Zealand before. I hope they are ok! Much love to you both and watch out for wicked people XXXX
  • Our builder is having fun working on our project. I am very pleased that he is finding us easy to work with.
  • I cut my own hair when I got home today. Mr B moaned in horror when I suggested he should help me. Cutting your own hair is not something I would recommend for most people, but mine has kinks at the bottom which allow me to hack at will. I saved lots of money! Looks great too. I'm not too pleased that Posh Beckham decided that a bob would disguise the scrawny remains of her real hair when her extensions got a bit ratty. Now bobs are fashionable and I'd rather not look like a slave to fashion. I made a lifelong commitment to the bob before Posh got hers, after a foray into long, long hair (don't be offended Posh, your hair is lovely, but it must be a pain having everyone copy you all the time).
  • We had a meeting about sexuality education today. We had to do a brainstorm on all of the words we could think of relating to the word "sex". I had the new (formal male) principal in my group, so let's just say, I didn't exactly share all of the words I could think of ;) .
  • House is on tonight. I love Hugh Laurie. He is brilliant as House. I wonder if he is a nice person in real life? Actually I'd rather not know if he was a nasty bugger. It would spoil House for me.
  • Autumn is coming. It is boot weather.

Bye for now. More crafty projects on the way soon! XXX


Sal said...

Hi..where are Mummy and Daddy Black staying in England? How exciting for them!

Anonymous said...

HI Babe...Mum and Dad got away just fine after the glasses sitting incident involving mum squashing her glasses while trying to wrangle her legs into some DVT avoidant socks...Jim got them fixed. They were pretty nervous at the airport as were Kevin and Carol but they got away ok. Think Dad got the rubber glove treatment at Auckland (well, he did insist on taking some tiny nail scissors in his hand luggage for cutting the cable ties off their suitcases). But they were fine. I am sure they are having a great time!! Got a text from San Fransisco so at least they made it that far!!
Yay for boot weather!!
Love youxx

al said...

Hi Pops, Have just caught up on all of your news. Things sound as though they're going really well.
Very impressed with your quilt. Can't believe it was your first one. You're amazing!
Just off to look at your other blog.
Love Al x

Gigibird said...

Bugger Posh Spice - who cares what she does?
I think Hugh Laurie is very nice in real life.
Brainstorming is dangerous at the best of times but about sex - OMG I think you were wise keeping quiet:)

Poppy Black said...

So right! She is a scrawny thing who looks like she needs a good feed. Glad to hear Hugh Laurie is very nice. I find him rather yummy, which is a bit peculiar since I saw him in Blackadder.

Poppy Black said...

Do you know Sal, I've got no idea where they are staying in England. Mumsy was rather vague about the details, and I've been in denial about them leaving the country for the first time, and didn't ask. Apparently they have been in San Francisco while the fracas over the silly old Olympic torch has been on. Obviously they are taking the long way. I know they will be going on some tours around Britain. XXX

Dianne said...

Hi, I'm a new visitor to your sight and I will definately be coming back. I think your approach to losing weight is a good one.