Friday, April 11, 2008

Feeling Autumn

The warm weather is coming to an end. Long coats and boots are appearing, along with chilly mornings and cold winds. There is such beauty in Autumn. These fly agaric toadstools were captured on film last Autumn on the farm, and with an upcoming visit, we should be able to hunt out some more.

On the agenda this weekend:
  • Mr and Mrs C.T. are back from Australia. Can't wait to see them! We are having tea together tomorrow. I wonder if they got my Dairy Milk mint chocolate with the green, creamy middles? They can get back on the plane if they forgot!!!!
  • Visiting Primroses, which is a quilting and gifty shop. I've never been there, but am on the search for fabric for my next project.
  • Looking for bathroom stuff and possibly carpet for the new house.
  • Having a Denheath custard square- possibly the best custard squares in the world.
  • Pinning my green and pink quilt together and starting to quilt it. Have been having trouble with animals intruding when I'm trying to lay it all out.
  • Finishing my navy crocheted scarf. The fanned edge trim has been giving me a bit of trouble.
  • Making yoghurt from milk and some existing yoghurt as a starter (see Taming the Chocolate Baby).

I hope you all have a lovely time over the weekend! XXX


Dianne said...

Love the mushroom pictures. They are so great. I'm a new visitor as I commented on your other post. Love your posts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe...spent Thursday night out at the farm with was fine. She is good and all the animals are happy. WE are excited about you guys coming up next weekend. Nanny is not going over to the Bay until Monday so we will have a big roast and get together on the Saturday night. WE are planning on taking the following Thursday off as it is Anzac weekend so we will have 4 days together!! Yay!! Mega stressed about work and my dam leadership course, it all finishes next Friday...can't wait!
Have a great weekend and eat a custard square for me...BUT...I know where you will get a nicer one, and I am not lying... the Naked Bun in Mapua...oh my...what delights!! We will have to go there.... Megxx

Sal said...

I love the pics of the toadstools.
I hope your headache is better.Have a good weekend;-)

Jane said...

I've come over from Gigibird.Beautiful toadstools. It is one of the joys of blogging to read about your autumn as we struggle here in Scotland to begin our Spring.

Anonymous said...

The fungi pictures are wonderful. I just found your blog from Dianne's comments and it looks great, I will be back to visit again.