Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A touch of philosophy

I was pooed on by a seagull on my 20th birthday. It took me years to get over it. I would cringe whenever a seagull flew over, and it took the fun out of going to Sumner. Lucky for me I would (hopefully) laugh if the same thing happened. I still get myself in a tizzy about many things. Today, when tackling an issue that plagued me last year, I realised that there is simply nothing I can do about it. So I decided to try my best to apply Philosophy No. 1. "Don't get your knickers in a twist over things you can't change." I closely follow this with "Behave with dignity in the face of challenges." 

So instead of throwing a tantrum over the sodding layout problems I am having with my blog, I shall just skip a line and carry on. You see, I can't put photos into my text, which is very disappointing, and if I make an error and delete it, the writing won't stop at the side of the page. It just keeps on going, and of course, Dear Readers, then you cannot read my inspirational writing.

By the way, the Scout (or is it Brownie?) motto "Be prepared" is standing me in good stead this term. It means I don't really stop from 7.30 when I arrive at school, until 5.00 when I leave, but I am ultra organised, up to date, and enjoying the results. Plus I have adopted my friend G's habit of making lists for everything. And using a whiteboard pen to make lists means when I have completed each task, I have the satisfaction of making it disappear off the board.

Off to make dinner, do some more work (cutting and sticking) and then blobbing on the couch to watch House. Sounds good to me. XXXX

Ps. I confess that I do love celebrity chef's cookbooks. Since I hardly ever use a recipe when cooking I keep them for reading purposes. I love to read recipe books in bed (and generally fantasise about food). After 3 goes I still didn't get Gordon Ramsey's recipe to work properly. Sorry Gordon, I give up. Gigibird, you had better send me a list of trustworthy recipe books (does Delia count as a celebrity?).


Gigibird said...

Delia, or St Delia as I like to refer to her doesn't count as a celebrity, not in the same way as GR or Jamie Oliver - she transcends celebrity....
Now regarding your photos and layout.....have you seen anyone with Blogger who has done what you want?
The Blogger layouts are pretty basic - have you tried placing your photos to the right or left - then text usually runs down besides them?
The other thing you might want to consider is if you have seen a blog you like the look of ask them how they do it….

sal said...

My son had to show me how to put the photos in the right place by dragging them.I had not got a clue until then!!
I enjoyed reading your blog anyway.Thanks!Sal;-)