Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Throwing my weight around

Today I put my foot down. Someone was trying to boss me around. Wrong move. Last year I would have been a walkover, but with my new philosophies and intensive planning to back me up, I grew a spine and stood my ground. It was only over something tiny, but it was the principal of the matter. Hopefully the first of many victorious moments for Poppy Black!

I've popped in two pictures of Miss Dog playing frisbee with me. She has a very short attention span and only played for a couple of minutes. Isn't she beautiful. The running dog photo is not the best photo in the world, but I love the way here ears are swept back as she gets some speed up. Thank you for the advice on bloggy layouts. I'm going to try moving the photos around. 

No, they won't move. They get a dotty line when I click on them, but refuse to move. Tantrum coming... no, dignified calmness.

On another note. Perhaps more crafty. I baked a lovely batch of heart shaped Belgium biscuits today. They are for my students to decorate tomorrow. Traditionally the recipe has lots of spices.
I halved the spice quantities to make them more appealing for youngsters. We will sandwich them with raspberry jam and decorate with icing and dear little heart shaped sprinkles. Happy Valentine's day! XXXXXXX

Oooh I just found I can pull the photos around after I publish the blog. How weird is that? Trouble is they won't go into the text. Maybe I have to leave a huge gap. No, that didn't work. Any ideas? 
The photos just pop back to where they started. 


sal said...

Yes they can pop are nearly there,just hold the mouse(left button) down firm,drag pic to where you want it and only let go when you see the little rectangular shape over where you want the picture.
You will soon get the hang of it;-)Sal

Gigibird said...

Have a look at this blog
You may find some answers....

Good for you standing up for yourself:)
Nothing like ears flapping in the wind - on a animal of course:)