Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend almost over

I'm about to go and work on dinner. It will be my third attempt at a Gordon Ramsy chicken creation in a white wine and creme fraiche sauce. The first attempt was too salty, I thought because of the capers in the recipe. I replaced the capers with mushrooms, and it was still too salty. So this time I'll use water instead of stock, and won't season the chicken with salt before browning it. I'll add some at the end of cooking, if necessary. I'm going to use heaps of mushrooms.

Yesterday I went to rehearsals for both of my orchestras. I was very anxious about Orchestra 3 as I struggled with the music when I joined late last year. But yesterday I had very little trouble sight reading my way through. It was fun. Then later I went to my other orchestra, which is called the Barbados Street Sympathy Orchestra, and is for adults who just want to have fun playing. The music is easy and the atmosphere very jolly. Some of the musicians are positively ancient, which is lovely. There are masses of clarinet players as the orchestra is conducted by the Christchurch School of Music Director, Mark Walton. He is the most incredible clarinet and saxophone player, and is hugely supportive of adult beginners. He has recruited a hoard of very mature clarinet students. I've done my time playing clarinet. It is a ghastly instrument to play. I transferred to flute after about a year early in my hideous time at high school. But now I play the cello. I am so looking forward to my first lesson for the year on Thursday. I've been learning for about 1 1/2 years now. This year I am determined to master the Grade 5 scales and exam music, although I won't do the exam. Plus I want to prepare a couple of pieces for performance at the end of the year. I would love to play some Debussy!

Today we took a friend to visit the Show Home of our new home. She was very impressed. Then we went out to see the completed fences on our section. It looks great. I am going to stain them a colour called New Denim Blue as we have done that here, and the colour looks great with roses smothering it.

Wish me luck for school tomorrow! We are visiting the Mona Vale rose garden tomorrow, and will make heart shaped Belgian biscuits on Valentine's Day. Plus we will do other heart themed things. I bit of romance is good for everyone. XXXX

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Gigibird said...

I can't really say a lot about Gordon Ramsey that is printable but you seemed hooked on celebrity chiefs.....I recommend you get yourself a good reliable cookery book and throw GR away!
It's wonderful to have a passion in your life and music seems to make you really happy.