Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another great day!

Yay! I had another wonderful day at school. Remember how I told you about the heart shaped biscuits that I prepared for my lesson today? Well all of my students had a go at icing their biscuits, and they looked gorgeous with their pretty pink and red sprinkles. My students are all severely intellectually disabled, so it was lovely to practise spreading using a knife on such sweet little biscuits. I took some photos, but I was late leaving school and forgot my camera. Hope it is still where I left it! I was rushing off to my first 'cello lesson of the year. What fun! My 'cello teacher is the sweetest person ever.

Today I am popping in a photo of my two precious babies when they were much younger. Miss Purrsia died when she was four. I have some very special photos of her on her last day, but it is too hard for me to put one of those in, as she was so sick. When Monty and Purrsia were tiny they caught the rhinotracheitis virus off their mother. The breeder gave them to us. Both have had ill-effects from the virus. Purrsia only had one eye, and long term sinus issues. Eventually her kidneys failed. Monty is so, so dear to me. I sleep with him snuggled up to me every night. He is about 10 now, and is currently rather plump and happy. Long may it continue.

Before I forget. Happy Valentines Day to my wonderful husband. When I got home from 'cello he had been busy cooking tea for me. What a darling. XXXXXX Love you Sweetie!

Ps. Going in for another go at photo wrangling- thanks for the advice!

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