Monday, January 21, 2008

A wee note with no pictures

Today we went to the World Buskers Festival and watched a couple of acts. We saw the Chippolata Brothers, which featured music and juggling. Then we went to see Tumble Circus which involved two acrobats. They were fun to watch. I found it quite hard being among such a big crowd of people who all seem to be expecting everyone else to do the laughing and clapping. I'm sure the performers find it hard too (or maybe they are used to it). When I see performances with the students from my school, who all have intellectual disabilities, you couldn't get a more enthusiastic audience. So I am used to giving it heaps, cheering and clapping really loudly. And no one cares. So I felt a bit hindered by the polite scatterings of applause barely making a ripple.

Of course no trip to town is complete without an inconvenient need for a trip to the bathroom. So we popped into the library and I came out with my very own copy of Thomasina Beck's "The Embroiderer's Floral" which has lots about the history of floral embroidery, plus ideas and examples for inspiration. It was $3!!!! Mr B managed to drag me to the door with only three books ("We're supposed to be getting rid of CRAP, not getting more!). One is a murder mystery and the other is a Christmas craft book (great for school). In addition to gathering books I also got a bag of cherries- big, plump, deep red, gleaming beauties.

By the way. Crafty Challenge update. My cuff is complete, and has been seen in public at the Buskers Festival. It will feature in a post at the end of the month, along with one other entry that is being concocted and created as I write, by my very dear sister, Ruby Two Shoes. February Challenge has already been devised. Sorry, you will have to wait to hear about that!

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