Saturday, January 26, 2008

One week of holidays left

How sad. The holidays are almost over. I have been to school and started preparing, and will spend most of next week there. There really hasn't been much happening around here. So I will take up the 7 random things about me challenge made by Alicia who gave an open invitation to anyone who hadn't done it. She said that she couldn't be bothered tagging seven people.
1. I hate clowns.
2. Bananas give me a sore tummy.
3. I can't walk past a pet shop without feeling sad for the animals.
4. I don't like things with a bitter taste, including coffee. However I love coffee cake.
5. I'm never seen out of the house without makeup. When I accidentally forgot to wear eye makeup to school one day last year, heaps of people asked me if I wasn't well. However, one of my bestest friends told me I never wear makeup, so I must be doing it right. I don't like seeing ladies with the wrong colour foundation on.
6. I love wearing skirts and don't like to look scruffy ever!
7. I really want a fish pond, but Miss Dog would spend every minute she could swimming in it like a hairy crocodile.

As you can see, life is not very exciting, however I am all nervous about school, and that has put a dent in my creativity. I will try to squash the anxiety and take some pretty photos for my next post. Today I send you a rose.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of the rose, I could almost smell it! School will be fine once you are back. Remember, it is just the job you do so you can earn money to do the things you really want to do. 15 beds down, one to go in daffy world. Love youxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jessica daisy said...

beautiful rose!
School will be ok once you get back into the swing of things. My mum used to be a teacher, so I know all about the huge amount of preparation is involved.
Good luck, Jessx

Gigibird said...

Does anyone like clowns?
I too can't walk past a pet shop without worrying about the animals,even the fish and birds.

You are a sensitive soul.

Do you have to cut out the labels in your clothes?