Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Things!

I have hit one of my lows, which makes everything so much harder. Feels like my gumboots (wellies) are stuck in the mud and I am struggling to get out. However, there are a few bright spots, one of which is cherry season, and I am indulging frequently (including right now). Today I have a mixture of deep red and yellow cherries (with a blush of vermillion). They don't taste a lot different, although the deep red ones have more depth of flavour, so I have to say I prefer them. I like my cherries to be fat, juicy with a crunch when you bite them. I know the Mother in Law likes them that way too. By the way, we loved having her to stay. It was very helpful having back up when keeping Mr B behaving himself, and for going into pretty shops. Anyway, other happy things:
  • The lovely Jane Brocket, famous author, wrote me a reply to a comment I made on her blog. You must check out her blog and her book ( pictured above). Her blog is Yarnstorm.
  • Ooooh, I made my first link!
  • We have the first three series of MASH on DVD. We are addicted. It takes us back to our childhood.
  • I successfully made meringues. I've done it before, but not for a while. They were utterly delicious. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Yum!
  • Pebbles. You can't go wrong with a wee box of those.
  • Miss Dog's coat is so shiny and beautiful I just love looking at her. She is the blackest, black imaginable. Her ears are like soft, thick velvet. I love to kiss them.
  • Check out my embroidery threads. I've been working on the wee hearts while watching MASH. The colours make me so excited. I have to sew up the hearts later. I have recipients for two of them. Special people!
  • I am having a wonderful time working on a birthday present for my very special friend, Mrs Canterbury Tales. No, Mrs CT, I'm not telling you what it is!!!!!
  • Watermelon and corn season are coming up. Both are hard to eat with braces, but I am sure I will manage.
I had better go and have a shower. I managed to entice Mr B to go for a jog with Miss Dog and I today. Of course he can walk faster than I can jog. By the way, Doc Martin was fantastic last night! He got engaged last week. There was a brilliant crazy old lady scientist on last night.


alison said...

Your embroidery is quite simply exquisite! You really are very skilled at it. I, sadly am still having trouble with French Knots! Will you teach me in March? Would also love to have a flick through Jane's book. I've read and listened to a few reviews and it sounds great.
It seems that we also have Doc Martin in common. Weren't really bothered in the UK but know that we're here, we're avid viewers. I cried when he asked Louisa to marry him! When Mr TS and I next visit home we're plan to head down to Port Issac where they film the programme.
Cherries - Mmmmmmm!!!!

Gigibird said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling low.....I hope you feeling better soon.
I agree with Alison - your embroidery is fabulous. - Have you ever tried stump work?

I have flicked through Jane Brockets book.....I find her colour choices a little on the bright side for my taste - her next book will be cookery.