Friday, January 4, 2008

Twelve Crafty Months

The challenge is on. Sister Black and I are challenging each other to a year of crafty creations. Each month during 2008 we have to create a specific item. January's challenge is based on some very cute cuffs found in a shop in Nelson which were smothered in buttons. We confidently announced to each other that we too could create something of equal greatness. So the first crafty creations will be cuffs. The rules are:
Be as creative as possible.
Any media may be used.
The item must be able to be seen in public.
It must be shared at the end of the month on this blog.

I am excited! Plans were being hatched in the night for something with a watery theme. Embroidery will feature. Ruby Two Shoes, I hope you were kept awake by similar creative thoughts! Of course, if anyone else wants to join the challenge, they may. Go forth and create! 

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Rubytwoshoes said...

I am feeling suitably creative...9 more days before we go back to work so I will get working on my cuff (I like the rule that is must be suitable for he public eye...will keep us "honest").
Fabulous day here...R has made sushi for tea with the is a marvelous gadget!! I have made WW jelly for have finished what is in my green laptop bag so there is no more temptation (apart from the Favorites...ahhhh...there is no escape!!). Love youxx