Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lucky Girl!

I was so lucky. I got lots of lovely Christmas presents. I would like to insert them one by one and write under each one, but having messed around for quite some time trying to do that, I am giving up and letting the pictures all go at the top as usual. I've managed to make 2 drafts disappear, and can't seem to retrieve them. Anyway, from the top we have my new bag in fabulous, lavish velvet. Lots of fun. Then my gorgeous wee cupboard. It is about 30cm high and perfect for my new house. And yay! I got 3 new books. The Vintage Fabrics and the Quilt ones seem to be made to go together, despite coming from two very different sources. I am dying to have a go at a project. Must finish 2 others first. I love books so much. The necklace is a masterpiece in beadwork, which makes me want to learn how to put beads together in new creative ways. Not another hobby, Mr B would say. I also got the Asian inspired tea seat. I love the aquamarine colour inside the cups. I need a geisha outfit, complete with wooden jandals and toesocks. I am thrilled with the pretty heart. It had to come out into the garden to pose for me, as it is so sweet. Perfect for the new house too. I haven't taken a decent picture of my two potted orchids, which are to grace my new lounge. They refused to take an elegant photo, so remain unblogged. No, they are not real, but Mr B thought they were, so are very good fakes. I got some other goodies too. Thank you to everyone who gave me a treasure. XXX
Ps. As usual, my photos haven't gone the way I wanted them. I'm sure you will figure it out!

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al said...

(sharp intake of breath) I want that cupboard!!!!!