Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr Black's Birthday

Today was my darling man's birthday! He is not at all crazy about his birthday, unlike myself, and he didn't want a fuss at all. We decided to visit Orana Park. You can see some of my photos above. Take a look at that delicious lion paw. Unfortunately it was the hottest day of the year (possibly the century) and we were all grateful to find shade whenever we could, and so were the animals. Mr B, his mum and I all love animals. We could totally understand the lack of animal activity. There was one delightful young lioness who was rolling around on her back next to a bunch of teenage boy lions. How cute, were the happy comments from the gathered crowd, especially when she leaped up, danced around and flopped down on one of the boys. Her intentions, however, were not so innocent, as we discovered when he rather reluctantly hauled himself up and climbed on top of her. One small boy was heard to say "I want to watch the lion jump on the other lion," as he was moving off with his family. Personally, I don't think Mr Lion could be bothered to do his duty to the best of his ability on such a hot day. No man could.

We went to the house of Mr and Mrs Canterbury Tales for tea. Mrs CT greeted me with great excitement about the impending visit of Mr and Mrs So Tread Softly. We are both very thrilled! They are gracing Christchurch with their honourable presence in March. Apparently a trip over to Akaroa has been planned. Lucky things! I love it over there, especially since my dolphin swimming experience.

I started my morning runs again today. Up at 6.30 am with Miss Dog. I could feel the downward spiral starting so decided to take affirmative action, despite wanting to curl up in bed until midday. I think I will sleep in tomorrow, and do another run on Monday morning. I have done some successful crafting. I have to finish my wee project off with my sewing machine. I have started both needle felting and some embroidery, so I am pleased with myself.

Happy Birthday to my sweet man! Have another great year, with lots of fun and success, learning and achievements. XXXXXXXXX


Anonymous said...

Love the photos, especially the meercat - would love to pick him up and cuddle him but not very wise! And the lion's paw could belong to one of our cats! Hope Mr B enjoyed his birthday. Shame it was so hot!!

Rubytwoshoes said...

HI there..the lions paw looks just like Pooh's foot...we are good, another hot day. Off to the Antiques and Collectibles Fair at Founders Park, wish you were here to come with us!!
Hope Mr B has made some good ravioli! Might take some time to master.
We have the in-laws staying...Megan P has been reading and enjoying your blog as well.
Love youxx