Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Today is my precious Dad's birthday. He is hopefully having a roast and pavlova for tea. As you can see from the pictures, Dad is a creative soul. He has an enormous shed, which he has added to over the years as need arose. The house has had a similar history. Dad is a carpenter of the traditional school. He is scathing of the unskilled youngsters brought into the business as cheap labour. Dad has built whole houses by himself. It is remarkable how difficult I find it to whack in a single nail. Sadly, his building skill was never passed onto me. Dad has come in very handy around our house. Actually one of the saddest things about leaving here is leaving behind my gorgeous kitchen shelves and cupboards designed by me, and made by Dad. Mr B and Dad had a brilliant time building our deck together. Luckily I can take my bedside cabinets with me, and I have plans for two new coffee tables and a kitchen table (you know you want to, Dad).

As you can see, Dad's shed is typical of many a creative person. He know where everything is. He is suspicious of anyone in his territory, and will mysteriously turn up if anyone is attempting to use his tools. I don't think Mum and Dad can ever move house because of all of Dad's treasures. The odd metal creation is one of Dad's most recent productions. It is for our film making exploits. Ever since we were little Dad has been an eager supporter of our leisure activities. He dug us swimming holes, made tree huts, horse jumps, wooden toys and a barrier to stop the twins getting into our bedroom and breaking our things. He glued our dolls heads and bodies back together with industrial products. He still whips up a pen every time we bring Merlin the rabbit on holiday, and we have the best (and most rustic) barbeque area in the country. Dad has also been Mr McDaff, a happy and hardworking sidekick to Mum's daffodil growing empire. He has displayed extraordinarily delicate skill at staging daffodils for the show for a man with only 7 fingers and 1 3/4 thumbs. He is also willing to carry Mum's purse in public, an admirable quality in a man.

So happy birthday Dad and all of my love and hugs to you! XXXXXXXXX


juniorwashbourn said...

And also from ME, sir, a Happy birthday - thank you for all the great qualities you and your wife put into your children - PoppyBlack is a grand example of a wonderful person with many endearing qualities - thank you for that effort, she makes a terrific friend! Happy birthday to you:)

Anonymous said...

Dad was very touched by your wonderful tribute to him, he loves you all too. It was nice that everyone remembered his birthday! I hope Mr Black has a lovely day tomorrow. He is a special man too. Love from McDaffxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx