Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sweetpeas and Roses

How lovely! Look at this divine bouquet of flowers I gathered from the garden to give to a friend when we went to brunch at her house. I was so excited to find the sweetpeas. I'm afraid the garden has been sadly neglected due to hard school work. It was such a hot day here today. My lovely friend N. bought along a big parcel of goodies she got from Alison at So Tread Softly. We were all delighted to see and touch the divine fabrics that she uses. Everyone loved the little raffia and felted wool nests. I should have taken photos but was too busy looking at everything. I can't wait to order doorstops for my new house. By the way, we went out to the plot for a visit and it is all lovely and flat with grass seed scattered liberally over it. They have marked the boundary accurately. Mr Black kept saying how bit it is. The little road is almost finished. Having been inspired by the land we went and bought a 40 inch television. Having had our wee 21 inch for 14 years we thought it was about time we updated. It is spectacular!!!! We watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. What a treat!
By the way, take a look at who is checking out my flowers. Of course his motives were not pure, he started munching on a sweetpea once this photo was taken. Typical.


Gigibird said...

What a beautiful bouquet of flowers - they wouldn't look out of place being held by a bride!
Cats are a law unto themselves....that's why I love them so much.

Poppy Black said...

Actually I said to Mr B that if I got married again I want a bouquet just like that.