Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dedicating life to the bow

I have just rushed home from my cello lesson inspired to practise. Have been making a disasterous sound but after some intensive bowing instruction from Jenny I am keen to focus my attention on my right hand instead of the left. You do the fingering with the left, but it is the bowing that makes the lovely resonant singing sound. I tend to grip the bow like it is going to escape and strangle me, so I stop everything vibrating nicely. Plus I am going to buy a new bow as mine is warped and getting a bit bald.

On the house front, the road to our section is almost complete. The title is coming through in late January, which gives us an extra month to save money. Excellent.

I can highly recommend running first thing in the morning as a mood booster. I have been getting up at 6am and trotting along with Miss Dog for half an hour. She loves snuffling around, and I love getting a sweat up and spying on other people's gardens. I am ahead of schedule with 2 major end of year jobs at school and have loads more energy. It is a bit nasty getting up so early, but worth the effort.

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